Saturday, December 31, 2011

woops missed something....



Ok i was just on one of my favorite authors website SCOTT WESTERFELD!! (the one who i have met :D) and he posted an awesome song showing how unappriciated the work of steampunk is now one of the many series he has written is the Leviathan series which is based on a steampunk version of WW1 and i am absolutely in LOVE with this series and you all should read it too! and now i will share the video because its a good video and you should all listen to it

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deck the halls with....well..MENORAHS!!!

ok so its holiday season! and so therefore i thought i owe it to my followers to post some vids of some funny songs i love like.... the one above this lettering that was supposed to be below it and another video of..... ok so again im having text difficulty here! lol hope you enjoy the videos!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Ok so i come back from a bat mitzvah today and on the way home my dad gives me the DVD case for HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 IN BLUE RAY AND IT HAS A HOLOGRAPHIC COVER!!!! So i'm totally mezmerized by the cover of the movie case and i tell him "im watching this tonight theres no choise in the matter im watching it!" so i have just finished watching the movie and i still cried as much as the first time and i hope no one heard me for it's about 2 in the morning and tomorrow i have a lot of stuff to do but i thought i should post this because i just love this movie even though it messed up on more than half the things in the book but it also made it very epic unlike the fifth movie *scowles* but we wont go there so yeah
also i got to AVPS! HOORAY! its very good very funny but im not done yet! im only on part 5 of act 2! there going into Snape's memories ooooo *snif* I MISS SNAPE SOOOO!!!!! :'( he was a great man i tell you!

soo i think i should go to sleep before i go more insane than i am

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ok first of all want to say I MET SCOTT WESTERFELD AND HE TOOK MY FRIEND AND I'S PICTURE AAHHHHHH!!!!!!! That was totally awesome did that on the 22 and then today for halloween had no school because of a snow "storm" that left a ton of people without power so the school was used as refuge for people! Then i stayed home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl and ate candy :P 


Friday, October 21, 2011

Best school day EVER!....well so far at least :)

Ok so today had to be the BEST school day EVER!!! First period of the day i got a FREE BAGEL!!! but wait! it gets better! second period i get to watch the hunchback of notre dame! the disney version!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Third period....well im gonna skip third period the only bad part of the day :P
but 7th period we just worked on a lab the whole time! 6th was lunch thats always fun. 5th we did a worksheet then talked the rest of the period, 4th we took a bunch of notes but it was still hilarious cus there were a bunch of random comments and stuff :P then after that we had a pep rally! well we WERE gonna have a pep rally, instead the fire department came because something smelled funny in the music hallway so they pulled the fire alarm and we went out to the football field and spent most of the rest of school there talking to people and stuff. then we went back inside to our homerooms for about ten minutes then we went home and now im eating a chilled hershey bar! yum! and then later on today im going to go to the circus with my friends! talk about being totally awesome LOL XD you guys really need to watch A Very Potter Musical on youtube it is TOTALLY AWESOME! *you'll get the joke once you watch it* BYE EVERYONE!!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Anaversery!

OK so i probably spelled that wrong but who cares!
THIS IS THE BLOG'S ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! A year ago i was such a newbie but now
i know a lot more and i've met and made people join, i've commented and ive recieved comments and i got to join my favorite authors website

ok thats all :3

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am still here

Yes you guys haven't gotten rid of me that easily!
First week of high school i got hopelessly lost,
joined Harry Potter club
and got even more lost

now i know how to get to my classes and what period my classes are all i need to master is what order their in! The schedule changes every day but stays the same every week if that makes sense to any of you. also in these past two weeks i have finished to AMAZING OUTSTANDING i don't think there are any words to exactly describe how awesome they were.

just warning SPOILERS!!!!!!!

Book #1
Skulduggery Pleasant Death Bringer

It was such an amazing book although i can't STAND how Mister Landy didn't even HINT that Skulduggery was Lord Vile i mean SERIOUSLY!!! but its still an AMAZING series and i love it so even if he did write some things that i despise like for instance breaking up Fletcher and Valkyrie i mean i was like WHAT?! and yeah i could go on but i don't want to bore you

Book #2
Goliath (part of the Leviathan series) 

This was such a good book because this was the last book in the series i mean the first two were awesome to but this one made the series! Alek FINALLY found out Deryn was a girl WITHOUT any help very surprised about that but what im more surprised about was that she actually ADMITTED to it and KISSED him TWO FOR ONE! and then at the end when Alek threw away his official documents and stuff and Deryn told him how she was gonna leave the ship just for eachother and then the picture at the end of the book! i just went AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
X Infinity symbol it was such a good ending! :3


So yeah i might not be on a lot cus of school and things so ill try to post when i can!

your host 

Monday, September 5, 2011


......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I start high school in like 8 hours EIGHT HOURS!!! My school is HUGE i'm starting to panic here and its going to my head so wish me luck for tomorrow shal be my first official day as a freshman...oy vey lets hope i'm still alive by tomorrow
I'll fill you guys in on what happens
Good Bye for now (if not forever)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ok this is not about a buttered moose this is actually about an a cappella group consisting of four people who are HILARIOUS!!! They created a whole song about star wars to these John Williams themes like Jaws and Indiana Jones see if you can name the themes and for those who are really star wars savy try and see which movies their quoting, listen to the song until the VERY end and watch their actions its so funny you will die laughing and if you don't then you must have lost your funny bone somewhere go find it! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


My cousin sent me this video and i LOVE it! GO KERMIT!! Had to show you guys.

Warning it starts out black just so you don't freak out and think its not working

Saturday, August 6, 2011

And then there were four... >:}

Ok so it's not as evil as you think
actually i lost another tooth!
yes i am a little old to still have some baby teeth not my fault they don't want to leave me
apparently i have no root left to keep the teeth in but the fibers that connect the tooth to the gum are too strong and won't let go! and thats why their not falling out
weird right?
so anyways now i have four more baby teeth left hooray!
then braces.... : (
but for now i must quote the Weasley twins on this occasion *movie not book*
" 'How you feeling Gorgie?'
*mutters* 'Saint-like'
'Saint-like' *points to hole in his head* 'I'm holey Fred!'
'Out of all the jokes in the world you choose 'i'm holey'" gosh i love Harry Potter :3

Monday, July 25, 2011

Guess who!!!


LOL ok so maybe not better than ever cus im SUPER tired i woke up like at 11:30ish this morning i have NEVER in my life woken up that early

Camp was a blast! there was sooooo much that happened in a short amount of time so there are a few things i must shout across the blog :P

1) We went to Six Flags!!! whilst we were there i hugged Tweety, Elmer Fudd, Mr. Six, Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny! I feel very accomplished with that

2) We had COLOR WAR!! For those who don't know about color war i will explain it to you the way my camp does it,
so we divide the camp into four teams  
אדום, כחול, לבן, ירוק
(in english from right to left its red, blue, white, and green)
and for the whole day we battle it out to become the winning team or in my case the winning super villain because our theme was SUPER VILLAINS!!!
Red= The Queen of Hearts
White= VOLDEMORT!! *i put in caps cus i was on white >:D*
Blue= Megamind *HE IS NOT A VILLAIN!!!*
Green= Wicked Witch of the West
So in the end my team came in third sadly and red won grrrr ah well there's always next year!!

3) We had Berkshires
now my camp is a chain camp they have them every where! but our sister camp is the one in Berkshires (not england!) and we go against them in team sports so in Plamer *the place i go to for camp* we call the competitive sports Berkshires cus thats who we go against
this year instead of the JV teams coming to us we went to them that meant a three hour bus ride there and back on coach busses
the day was long and HOT!! I was on JV Dance team so we didn't perform until the end of the day around 4ish we practiced for the whole day and by the time we preformed most of our teams had lost to Berkshires but we were there to bring the spirit back up cus technically JV Dance already won *they didn't have a team we did but we never really compete we just show off : )* and boy did we have spirit! it was probably the best part of the day! that and sleeping on the bus :P

4) then there was last night in which i WAS going to write this blog post but i was WAY too tired to do anything cus i went to see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2!!! During the movie i was crying my eyes out being the loving geek and freak i am and also being all knowing of Harry Potter i knew what was coming......except for the end......THEY CHANGED IT ON ME!! but thats another story and i don't want to ruin the movie for you yeah i was basically crying my eyes out and almost yelling at the movie screen i was this close to screaming at the movie screen but i didn't i held back....just barely 

then i came home and went to sleep and then woke up at like 11:30ish today! and now HERE I AM!!!
so now im caught up to the present i have missed you all and im glad to be back!
till next time!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"I can't believe this is good bye"

1) That is a quote from Rent one of my favorite musicals
2) i am in fact a black belt now. the test was really brutal it was 6 hours of hard work, monday i couldn't move a single muscle!
3) this past monday we had an award ceremony and i got an award for having a 90+ GPA all three years i was at my middle school and i also got an art award
4) thursday was the last day of school for me :'( i was very sad even though i'll probably see most of them again i was crying all the way home and the sudden down pour didn't help my mood either
5) im leaving sunday *today in a few hours???? still confused about the time thing* for camp an i won't be able to access a computer for a little more than a month so for now "I can't believe this is good bye" but dont worry ill be back in July!

GOOD BYE MY FRIENDS!!! *for now*

Saturday, June 11, 2011


My Black belt test is TOMORROW!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!
I suppose i should be jumping for joy but right now im scared out of my mind!
the test starts at 8:30 A.M. and ends somewhere around 2 P.M. thats *one....two....three...* almost 6 and half hours!!! and i have to wake up extra early to get there im FREAKING OUT!!!!
I'll see if tomorrow i'll have enough energy to make another post about what really happed at the test.
Wish me luck!
your very nervous test canadate

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dances and trips

Ok yesterday i had my 8th grade dance. it was so much FUN!! The first hour or so was awkward though because it was still light and i guess no one really wanted to see each other dance. It was Neon Lights so one side of the room was completely dark except for the sky lights so yeah..almost every one started dancing once it got dark and it was soooo cool! they had black lights so peoples shirts were lighting up and there were THOUSANDS of glow sticks! i got like five glow sticks for each arm and i had this three colored glow stick necklace around my head like a headband and i got these neon colored sun glasses. I popped the lenses out of them so i could see :P.
I danced with my friends and it was crazy!
Then the slow song came on....
I started doing ballet by myself and then got my friends to do it too. I've never done ballet...well not a real class anyways. And so i spun around and such whilst my friends bugged me to ask one of my guy friends to dance with me. I didn't do it and they got mad but whatever i have my rights!
Then for the last 30 minutes of the dance they played a slide show of pictures throughout the three years we've been there.
It was really sad because it brought up all the memories and i realized im really gonna miss this school! along with all of my friends really surprised im even saying old teachers. over all...

Oh yes the whole trip thing....
well my friend and i were at the food table to get something to eat when she said "Their playing the Cotton Eye Joe" which is one of my favorite songs to dance to so i run into the dancing area and slip onto my bum
i didn't see what it was until after they turned the lights on
it was a streamer
it was really slippery and of course out of all the people there I am the one to step on it, trip, and fall on my side/ bum.
I woke up this morning and i realized i can barley lift my right arm up! i guess i fell harder than i thought i did cause it still hurts even as im writing this!

Well now im gonna sleep feeling satisfied that i have informed you on my recent where abouts

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Black Belts and (un)happy Endings

Oh my flippen gosh i just realized something extremely important.... I HAVE 12 MORE DAYS LEFT UNTIL MY BLACK BELT TEST :O
Now is the official time to freak out i need to start working double time no TRIPLE time

Im in freak out mode

Any ways about the (un)happy endings happy cus schools out in 17 days so my French teacher says but unhappy because i will greatly miss all of my friends :( i doubt i will see them in the huge high school that im going to and even if i do im not gonna be able to see all of them! plus im gonna miss all the good times we had during lunch and during class when we had no work and such....
im gonna miss them so
and my middle school believe it or not
so many memories so little time

sppeaking of time its time to sleep!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirates Pirates Pirates Pirates PIRATES!!!!!

I can say without a doubt that this was the BEST Pirates of the Caribbean movie so far because apparently theres gonna be a fifth one YES!!! Oh and for those who haven't seen them yet i am telling you all now GO SEE THEM!!! My friend gave me the first two today and i flipped out i started dancing around the room and now i can watch them when ever i want where ever i want YES!!!!!

So thats it just wanted to let you all know i saw and that it was AWESOMESAUCOME!!!!
ok BYE!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


OK so i haven't posted in AGES but i had a LOT of projects and hebrew school graduation etc. So now im gonna talk to you about one of my new favorite characters

THIS GUY!!! ^ 

OK so i have recently just watched Tangled for the third time ever and now i have some songs on my ipod *stop laughing out there! its an AWESOME MOVIE!!!¬3¬*


Eugene is now in my favorites list especially cus he cut off Rapunzel's golden locks

*going into mad mode*
*composes self*
sorry we all know that it was good that he did it i was sick of her waving her hair around ITS JUST HAIR PEOPLE EVEN IF IT GLOWS!

Spoiler end

So now he's on my ever growing list of favorite characters from movies and i just had to say that and i needed to add a new blog post :P so yeah...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Bash

Ok so yes today in fact was my birthday!!
So i started out by going to school taking three tests have a bunch of people say happy birthday to me and then get a gift from my friend a very awesome gift i might add.
After school i went to visit my baby cousin who is ADORABLE as ever!
Then went to a sushi place for diner and then went to see Thor.
AMAZING MOVIE!!! You all need to see it!
So on the way home im talking to my dad about the marvel comics and when i walk in the door...
"SURPRISE!!" Three of my best friends are sitting on my couch and almost gave me a heart attack! We enjoyed some ice cream cake and then they left and now im on here telling you all this. Sorry im not so detailed trying to post it on the day :P
so thats bout it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HUZZAH!!! i should have made this post a while ago but whatever im too lazy and such :P
SO i just finished vacation and during vacation i went to New York City to go to a museum. The discovery museum had a special exhibet on guess what.......HARRY POTTER!!!! *fangirl scream* and my dad bought us tickets to go see it as a surprise. SO we get to time square and find the museum and we have to wait half an hour until we can go in and all the while i have my phone out and ready to take a TON of pictures. Once i finally got into the museum they said NO PICTURES!! i was soo mad at them! i was torn but the museum was AMAZING!!! they had a LOT of stuff from the movies EVERYTHING you see is from the movies! Even the one that isn't out yet :D
I stopped short once we got to the end the lady there said that we would not be able to enter again once we entered the gift shop. I kept pacing back and forth trying to force myself to go into the gift shop. i SO did not want to leave! It was like paradise in there!! Eventualy i forced my self to go into the gift shop and once we left i started to cry. Yes i cried because i didn't want to leave! It was like my dream come true! I cried and it was sad.

So now hear i am stalling to work on my homework talking to you guys about my vacation.....should probably get started now.....

oh wait no i have one more thing to tell you readers out there

today in Scocial studies we did the strangest activity, we were all in a circle and there were about 7-8 chairs in the middle of the desk circle. My teacher picked 7 volunteers and three of them went outside. I was not one of the chosen so i had to watch and listen, the other 4 volunteers had to start talking about their high school fears, the other three students would come in and try and join in on the conversation, depending on what chair the three students sat in one student the others would all agree with no matter what, another student would be wrong for everything, and the third would be ignored. The conversation changed very quickly from high school to collage and so on and so forth. It was a very strange exersice but it was hilarious! wish you could have heard the conversation for your self!

Ok thats all for now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas & Firemen

So today i go to school like normally and then i go to first period like normally. Today we finished The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas, the first period of the day and that is a SAD MOVIE!! I felt like crying when i saw the ending i felt like my heart split in two! It was really depressing and such and today it was raining so it only made the mood sadder and such...

Ok so right now as i type this firemen yes FIREMEN are in my home because the smoke alarm went off because of the shower so they came over because they are right up the hill from us and such....this has been a very interesting night so far... well i must be off to do my homework and such.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Washington D.C.

America's capitol and i was there fact our trip made it to the news! But I'll get to that bit later for now i must start the story!

I sleep for an hour, make sure all my stuff is packed and head off for school at 5:45 in the morning. Yes we were going to leave at 6 so we had to be there early and such. I get there find my group and a few minutes later were on the bus. Our bus leaves our lovely school and we set on our 6 hour long bus ride to D.C. It was PAINFUL! sitting on a bus for 6 hours gets really boring. It was worth it once we got there. We first stopped at the Arlington Cemetery *ok not our first stop but the first stop was just to take a group picture so not so important* We drove around the massive grave sight looking at rows and rows and rows of tomb stones. We then stopped and watched the changing of the guards. it was so silent you could hear a pin drop. It was pretty cool to see the soldier check the gun and the way they switched the guards. Immediately following we had the wreath laying ceremony in which a few of us would help in placing the wreath. After all this excitement we head back to the buses. We stand out side each of our buses and wait for a while. Finally we get onto the bus....then we get right back off. Our chaperons told us to take all our stuff besides our luggage. We did as we were told and headed back towards Arlington. We kept asking why we couldn't go on the buses and they said it had something to do with paper work. We did not question any further. We never did see those buses again instead we went onto the train. It was crowded and fast. I actually lost my ticket but thankfully the guy let me through with ease. We then walked to Carmines where we ate spaghetti and baseball sized meatballs. After dinner we walked to Ford's Theater to see Liberty Smith, a playing saying that most of the stuff these famous people did he did (ex. Paul Reviers  ride, the discovery of electricity, the Boston Tea Party etc.) and the famous people took the credit. Not a very good play :/ Finally we got onto a bus and headed to the hotel. It was a very nice hotel and i fell asleep in an instant. :D

We get an annoying wake up call at 6:30 in the morning, mind you we went to sleep round 12 12:30ish. I did not want to get up so my room mates litterally dragged me out of bed. Went down to breakfast at 730ish and then set off to the Newseum. It was so COOL! We saw some cartoons, the transmitter tower from the Twin Towers after 9/11 and such and such. Me and my roommates also went to a 4-D show, that was also cool! Things popped out at you and at one point i screamed cus i thought a rat scuttered under my foot :P silly me. Next stop was the Air and Space museum where we ate lunch and basically hung around the gift shop the entire time :P Soon after it was sight seeing time. We first stopped at the Iwo Jima memorial. If you looked at the flagpole and move towards the front it looked as if it was raising the flag. Amazing! World War II was next on the list. I kept walking around and taking pictures of quotes on the walls. By the end my friends all asked me,"really?" The Vietnam memorial was next on our list of things to see. The wall was endless from the looks of it. There were so many people i felt really sad and so i quietly said a prayer for the ones who are no longer with us. Abraham Lincoln the most truthful president we've ever had. His memorial is HUGE!! i took pictures of him like fifty times! My friends and i had time to kill after the picture fiasco so we sat on the stairs and looked at the ceiling. The final stop of the day was the Blair house. We walked around and saw protesters on the street. Some of us went up to them to see what they were protesting about. They didn;t want their taxes to be used to pay soldiers so they were protesting about it. We went back to the hotel and got ready for the dance we were going to have. Boy was that some dance! I only danced half the time, the other half i was trying to sort out this boy trouble with my friend. Apparently two boys like her, one got jelouse of the other etc etc very stupid boy stuff *no affence to those who i don't know* then it was time to sleep yet again.

Wake up, finish packing, leave the hotel for good and set off for the Museum of American History. That was an AMAZING museum. I went outside afterward to copy down the quotes i saw in front of the building when i got there and i only got 1 quote and 3/4 of a quote before i was dragged away from the building. We were off on another ever lasting journey home. Once we got home at around 7ish there were people from the news there.

Here is why:
Apparently the bus company that we rented the buses from, their insurance stuff had "expired" according to what their plates said. The company said that their insurance didn't expire until 2012. So technically we were riding on illegal buses but we didn't know that until we got there. i got to be on the news! yeay!

Now im home writing this to you all after watching Megamind, awesome movie for those who don't know it :P  now it is time to sleep.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


OK so lately i've been going on Deviant Art because the Fanfiction site decide to not let me search ANYTHING! SO i cam across a sketch-dump by someone i found earlier in the year and i really liked her work. Her Deviant Art name is Bri-Chan so that is why i named it that and there is this one picture that is cracking me up even as i type this! It never gets old well anyways here it is for your enjoyment.

This is the Mad Hatter and Alice for those who didn't know, this is what they look like at Disney World..well except for the clothes that is but what ever i still find it very funny  : )

and another one for the heck of it :P

Ok i don't really know what Buzz is saying buit for those who watched Toy Story 3 they will understand this comic strip : )

By the way this is the 50th post i have ever done YEAY!!! *streamers appear and room goes into full party mode* LOL but yeah i have to get going going to D.C. on Wednesday *tomorrow for those who read it today :P*

Wish me luck on the five hour bus ride!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Pranks and fish

Yes today is indeed April 1st or APRIL FOOLS DAY!! So today in school we basically just did school work and watched videos about our upcoming trup to D.C. leaving in about 4 days! WOOT! So anyways i go into my second period class and see these little square pieces of paper on everyones desk. I pick up my little square and it has a fish on it and says Le poisson d'avril or in english the April fish. My teacher then explaned to us that this was a prank that many french students play on each other on this day. SO during orchestra i stick my fish on my friends hood. He was oblivious to it all for the whole period! Me and my friends were cracking up! Finally at the end of the period someone told him he had a fish on his back and we were all sad because we thought he was gonna have it on the whole day. Well so much for that :P


Monday, March 28, 2011


OK Lily i just found my copy of Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld and for those who haven't read it...


Ok now that that is done i would like to place an excerpt from the book *clears throat*just saying i might interrupt it will be in italics :P P.S. This was a chapter in Alek's point of view so thats why its Dylan not Deryn.

""It was." she turned to Dylan. "No matter what happens, I'll never forget what you've done for us. I think you're the most brilliant boy I've met." aww ain't that sweet and sappy! 
"Aye, well, I was just--"
Lilit didn't let him finish, but threw her arms around him, kissing him hard on the lips. After a long moment she pulled away and smiled. "I'm sorry. I was just curious."
"Curious? Barking spiders!" Dylan cried, a hand at his mouth. "You hardly know me!"
Lilit laughed and lifted the body kite into the air. As its wings filled with the cool sea breeze, she stepped to the edge of the cliffs, her hands on the pilot strut.
"I know you better than you think, Mr. Sharp." She smiled turning to Alek. "You don't know what a friend you have in Dylan."
With that, she stepped off into the darkness...and fell from their sight."

Well ok fine i admit it *takes a deep breath* i was wrong....OK happy now! i do think she thought she was going to kiss a guy but then realized she kissed Deryn not Dylan so technically Lily i think we were both right!


 OK so thats that and now i must go eat some thin mints and huddle near the TV.
 Good day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

FINALLY ITS.....Spring?

Yes today is the first day of spring, i expected a lot more sun shine and blue skies. Am i right? Of course im right im me! But no, today of all days the weather decided to play a little trick on us. Oh yes it certainly did.

I woke up to find a cloudy sky, Ok so i thought it was going to rain no big whoop. So i go out into the chilly March morning to find it reasonably chilly but not winter chilly. When i get to school it starts to rain, after first period i look outside to find it snowing. Yes you read right there was SNOW outside my window, it wasn't just a light sprinkle oh no the weather wanted to make it HUGE fat flakes falling from the sky and it was starting to build up too! It stopped though after lunch and now i found out were supposed to get more snow on wednesday and thursday. Sheesh some spring huh.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


YES WHOOOO HOOOO!!! So as i said today was the day that my mom was gonna send in the money for the Jewish high school, so this morning she asked me what i wanted to decide and from what she said the night before, if i went to public school it would be a living nightmare, but anyway i would be able to go there. So i told her i don't know cause i don't like making choices so early in the morning so she was gonna make the choice for me.

Oh no! you say?!

Well FEAR NOT!! because she never sent in the money...IM GOING TO PUBLIC SCHOOL HOORAH!!! I HAVE WON THE BATTLE!!! *When not completely i still have to do somethings i don't want to  so i can go there but whatever :P*

I am soooo happy! When my mom told me i was like YES and she told me "You seem so excited, so why didn't you just tell me public school in the first place?"
I look at her real serious and place a hand on her shoulder and say with my most serious face "because i knew you would make the right decision for me" She started cracking up it was pretty funny. Now time to celebrate WOOO HOO!!

Random stereogram
stare straight through it and you should see an image pop out at you
comment on what you think it is :)
two different stereograms the first is number one and the second is pudding no sorry i mean number two :P


Sunday, March 13, 2011


yes that is really all i can say at the moment. I have learned today that my mom is sending the rest of the payment for hebrew high school on tuesday. I DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE!!!

ok looking on a different side now

wednesday we went to get ice cream at McDonalds, my brother always like tho take the wrapper off the cone first so he could eat the ice cream without stopping, so he took off the wrapper........looked down...and said......"whast the.." and then he started laughing so i asked him what was so funny he toold me that he took off the wrapper and when he looked back down at the cone he got all freaked out because there was another wrapper on the cone! i started laughing and told him its the return of the wrapper FEAR IT!!! T'was pretty funny.

Thats all for now

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


OK so on monday we started a state wide test or should i say tests. We started with reading comprehension and that was OK i guess, sitting around for about 40 minutes waiting for the testing hour to be over at and listening to the pretesting rules.....OK i really hate CMT's but we have to take them, they are very important for out state yadda yadda. Anyways today i took the prompt CMT and i can not STAND the prompts. They were OK in like third grade but now we do PERSUASIVE writing. I am not good at persuasive writing, it bores me, and me and it do not mix, its like water and oil im water and its oil;i can not write a persuasive prompt to save my life. Thankfully the sheet that told us what prompt we were to write basically told us all of the points we needed to cover, so it ended up being easier than usual but still i hated ever minute of it. DRP testing is tomorrow and friday then we finally move away from Language arts and move onto Math and Science hooray! *total sarcasm for those who couldn't tell*
Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My oh my....

Well its been FOREVER since i've posted a new post. So ill start from Thursday because thats when the fun started.

Lunch was always fun and after i went to sewing to work on my quilt etc etc. At the end of sewing we were cleaning up and i picked up two  scissors, stuck them up each of my sleeves to make it look like i had no hands just scissors, and started opening and closing them saying to my friend, "FEAR ME I AM EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS!!" Pretty funny stuff :P
After that we headed over to gym where i was going to attempt to play a half court game of basket ball with me and two of my other friends against two guys in my class. My team was winning and the boys were failing miserably, during all this my friend who announced herself as "referee" was adding comments that made me laugh! At one point in the game one of the boys left us to go to the bathroom so my gym teacher stepped in for him, so now its three girls against one guy and a gym teacher, so then the "ref" decides to join in on my team and the guy came back now its 4 vs 3 and the guys and gym teacher are now starting to catch up all the while im laughing my guts out. In the end we lost by one and i was in tears of laughing so much. Yep very strange huh.

The day went by with the usual laughs and such and then we enter the realm of the bus. Half way through the bus ride my friend siting in the seat across from me said," Poke her head!" She was referring to my other friend sitting in front of me. So i poke the back of her head, she doesn't respond. "poke her again!" she says, so i poke her on the side of her head, no response. "Poke her again!" she repeated so i poked her again in the back of the head, this time she launched her hand out behind the seat grabbed my leg and wrestled my shoe off.  So now i only have one shoe again laughing my head off at how ridiculous the situation is and my friend behind my friend who told me to poke her is not aware of what just happened making me laugh even harder. I finally get my shoe back before my stop and i tell my friend what happened on the walk home, she was surprised she didn't hear it. Odd very odd.
At home i remember that i have to go to Shul that evening for something called Shabbat Across America. My mom was the one to "host" it well not really host she just put it all together can't think of the word at the moment....anyways so we go have dinner, pray, eat dessert. After prayer we had so much fun trying to make people laugh, i made the Rabbi laugh but now i think he's scared of me :P

I slept in HOORAY! then i watched a new episode of Stargate SG-1 always good. Then i decided i would ask my next door neighbor *my best friend* if she wanted to come outside because it was REALLY warm like no jacket warm it was amazing! I ended up going inside and watching Mulan, The Little Mermaid and half of Sweeney Todd. It was a very good day, full of laughs and crazy people. Not to mention movies.

So we have finally made it to today. Today which i start off with a boston cream doughnut, and hebrew school. I don't have classes on sunday but i help out the fifth grade class. Our Isreali emissary came in and we played a game of tic-tac toe using hebrew words. We then learned the prays that we say before we read the Megilah and line dancing *don't ask* We then go home and i sit around watching stargate yet again! We eat diner and then we went to see Rango. Its a very cute movie and i loved it. Johnny Depp is always amazing and can NEVER disappoint me. And that brings us to now in which i am writing this to you all because i felt the need to do it on thursday but got a little sidetracked. I am now watching Stargate Sg-1 season 7 the episode is called "Fallen" i am forever pausing it because i am writing this lovely blog post to you all.

Now its time to finally finish the episode.

heres a french song that i thought was funny


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stargate SG1

Ok for all of you out there who don't know what Stargate is let me tell you.
It is one of THE BEST sy-fy shows you will EVER see in your life! There are four main characters in the first few seasons; Jack O'Neil, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter and Teal'c.

Today my dad showed me this one episode and i started to CRACK UP!!! It was the funniest episode i have ever seen! It was about how Teal'c and O'Neil kept replaying the same day over and over and over again but they were the only ones who knew it. So eventually during one of their loops Daniel tells them that if they keep playing the same day over and over again then they could do whatever they want and not get fired from their job at the SGC and sooooo, they start to do all this wacky stuff and it just kept getting better as each "day" passed. The episode is called "Window of Opportunity" from season 4 or 5, i do not remember at the moment but if any of you have the chance to look it up, i swear you don't have to understand stragate to understand this episode but really look it up and watch it. You won't be sorry you did.

And here is team SG1

 from left to right
Teal'c, Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neil, Daniel Jackson

OK i just had to make a post about this :P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


That is the right thing to say because i have very sad news, no i am not leaving the blog to don't get your hopes up. No, *sniffs* i......i.....i got accepted into the jewish high school. *hangs head in sadness*

Now you followers maybe wondering why im sad about this "great" news. Well to tell you all the truth, I don't want to go there! My MOM wants me to go there. Now i must figure out ways of getting out of this and going to the public school with my friends.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Oddisity of Today

Today was a very odd day indeed.
In My House
   I started out by waking up in the extreme hours of the morning to a bloody nose. I don't usually get bloody noses so I disregarded it thinking my nose was just really runny and also i did not want to leave the warmth and comfort of my bed. So i went back to sleep only to wake up again at around 8 or 8:30 ish in the morning. Again me being lazy i did not want to get out of bed so instead i rolled around  trying to fall back asleep. After another hour or so of rolling around drifting in and out of sleep my mother comes in and reminds me I had a Bat Mitzvah to go to. So half an hour later i get up and take a shower. Half way through my shower i get soap in my eye which refused to get out so i finished my shower with a stinging eye. I did my hair and got into my dress which kept bugging me because i kept feeling self conscious and what not but i lived. I went to get my earings and couldn't find the other for the pair, i looked and once i found it and matched it with the necklace my mother told me it didn't match so i chose a set of hoops instead. So much for that hunt. Then we had a whole bru ha ha with a shrug to wear over the dress. i went through about five different shrugs before my parents decided on one. My mother then left the house and I was left with my dad who was taking me to the Synagogue. I suddenly remembered that i still had to attach present to the card. By this time my dad was in the car waiting for me and i was left to put on my uncomfortable shoes and a coat and somehow attach the card to the gift. I gave up on finding tape or ribbon so i ended up gluing them together and running out the door without a coat on, only my knit shrug which was a very holey knit shrug very thin. My dad then called me crazy but seeing as how I was going to be late we just left.

At The Synagogue
    I walk into the doors to run into two ladies who were greeting everyone. The one on my right asked me if i had ever been there and i said,"Yes actually my Aunt works here." Once i told them my aunts name they remembered my mom and the one on the left i knew from somewhere else and she teaches my cousins. After gaining entrance to the hallway that let to the sanctuary i run into ANOTHER person, but she actually knew me.....i didn't recognize her. After some talking she reminded me she was my preschool teacher! How am i supposed to remember my preschool teacher?! I finally enter the place of pray trying to spy the Bat Mitzvah girl and the only other person i knew was coming. The Bat Mitzvah girl found me, turns out i was siting one person away from her. My friend came a few minutes later and we went along with the service even though we didn't know half the tunes they used. About 3/4 of the way done the Rabbi comes along and shakes our hands leaving a Hershey kiss in each of our palms. Me thinking the way of my Synagogue i thought we were gonna throw them at her in the end *long story short its a tradition at my Synagogue* we never threw them so i guessed they were meant to be eaten and again i was rushing in the morning i forgot to have breakfast and i was really hungry so i popped it into my mouth and headed for the bus that was to take us to the party.

On The Bus
    We didn't actually leave the place for a half an hour. Then we got moving. After the first five minutes of driving the bus driver slams the breaks and i smash my face into the seat in front of me. The bus driver then continues to zoom down the road as if it were a roller coaster ride! He was driving so fast we thought we were gonna die. A few minutes later he slams the breaks again and would not move the bus until the other girls and guys sat down. We then sped at incredible and very frightening speeds to our destination. I soon receive a call from an unknown person who tells me she'll text me what was going on.  I soon get a text saying its my BFFLE and learn that she has badly fractured her leg doing a front hand spring.

At The Party
    It goes on like any normal Bat/ Bar Mitzhvah would, we got cool prizes, did lots of games, ate a lot of junk, danced and etc. I ended up seeing this kid i saw yesterday at the high school i went to shadow. Didn't really do anything e;se out of the ordinary there.

Back Home
   In which i received a picture of my friends fractured bone. *the x-ray* I learn from my dad that my grandparents, my aunt and her little baby are coming over for dinner. We never really have huge family dinners its usually just me my parents and brothers so this was a shock. My grandparents came, my brothers played piano for them, we started to watch an episode of Clone Wars but then half way through it was dinner time. We ate i did a few impressions for my grandparents and then went back to finish my Clone Wars episode. My grandparents left and we then proceeded to watch an episode of Stargate SG1. I soon got mad seeing that it was an episode from season 9 or 10 where my favorite character Jack O'Neil has been transfered to Stargate Atlantis. Teal'c went all macho on us and it was awesome when he blew up this guy from the inside out and shoved a really long sword into this other guys collar bone area and plunged it until only the hilt was showing. But before we could finish the episode my aunt came with the baby. The baby who is 1 is always trying to hide from my dad, it seems as though she thinks he is scary. So we watched an episode of Blue's Clues and then they left and we finished our episode. We then saw dad fell asleep and mom was upstairs asleep so we watched an episode of iCarly. Then i came upstairs and wrote this very long blog post.

Strangest thing was, i feel like today didn't really happen, like it was all a dream. Strange right?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


OMG!!!!!!! I just had the most AMAZING karate class ever. Let me name the reasons why.
1)There were only 7 people in the class instead of 20 or so.
2)My brothers didn't go to this class so no major annoyances there
3) I'm gonna get my black belt in June and....hold on let me repeat that for you guys


I am SO HAPPY!! I started bouncing off the walls! So i must get practicing on all my forms and combination......also some blocking techniques. So much to do in so little time. Just thought i should let you all know that major announcement. Must go practice!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Darth Vader

This is SOOO funny! Its from the super bowl and its so cute watch it and you will laugh at the end i guarantee. *sorry if the video is slow*

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Things are so quiet here! I went downtown and the street was REALLY quite. The streets there are NEVER quiet. It was kind of scary, like those action movies where everything gets really quiet except for the music and then suddenly BAM! Everything explodes right in your face! So we were shopping down there and I remembered something that happened yesterday. Me and my Dad went food shopping and when we went to check out my Dad saw that on the check out screen it said 72 avocados. We only bought 2. Luckily he caught it before she printed out the receipt so we saved about $100. So yeah bored out of my mind now. I can't stand it anymore! Everything is so quiet. Living right next to the highway you get used to hearing a lot of noise so its unnatural for so much quietness. Well now i must try and take all this quietness in and see if anything watchable is on TV.
Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh No....

Oh no is right. At dinner today parents got into a fight over high school...again. It's driving me NUTS  i wish there was no such thing as "choosing a high school" because then it would be a lot simpler for me and for my family. I am one month closer to becoming a freshman and i am seriously not looking forward to it. If i do go the high school my mom wants me to go to i won't be with all my friends and at least know some people but instead i would know no one and get hopelessly confused within the first few hours. I'm going INSANE because of this nonsense! They're both making MY life harder and their own. To sum it all up, high school is torture. Hopefully i won't hear another fight tomorrow keeping my fingers crossed on it.


Monday, January 31, 2011


OK were watching Unwrapped right now and everyone is going crazy over all the chocolate they're showing sooooo what happens next????

Thought i wasn't gonna tell ya huh? Well i am! My dad got up put on his coat and went out on a candy hunt. HOORAY FOR DAD! Yummy chocolate will soon be mine! :P



Ok so lately ive been in a drawing type of mood and i don't exactly know why.... so i decided to post the drawings i have done so far. *Sorry if there too light to see :P* and also sorry that half of them are side ways cant quite fix that and yeah im working on Shaggy right now from Scooby Doo will post him when im done with him.

That's all folks!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

And Then There Were Five

I just lost another tooth and it HURT! I was so annoyed with it so i ripped it out. And now my gum is hurting and pulsating but its worth it to finally get that wretched tooth out of my mouth. I can finally eat normaly! HUZZAH! So yeah no real important stuff to say just felt like telling yall that.


(P.S. i really need to draw something in your comment can you guys add the name of a cartoon character from a movie or a tv show or something or other that i may draw onto your comment that would be appriciated i will post up the requests once i am done with them :D)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Very Strange Day

OK so i havent posted in AGES and thats cus of a little something called SCHOOL. Yes the dreadful school. Lately me and my mom have been fighting about it because i want to go to the high school that i was supposed to go to but NO my mom told me im going to a different high school AWAY from all of my friends! its not fair that i had no say in it she just basically told me ok your going to this school thats final. so yeah im not in the greatest of moods and right now im sorta freaking out cus tomorrow i have to shadow a kid from the high school ill be going to. So tomorrow ill type in how the shadowing went and yeah thats all for now. Eat cookies and drink lots of milk.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brothers What a Pain

This is the story of how my youngest brother trashed my room. It all started with a book. A book with the name of How To Drive Your Sister Crazy. My brother picked it out from the library and brought it home. He didn't touch it for DAYS and i thought he forgot about it...that is until I picked it up. He immediately spotted the book and yanked it out of my hands. I didn't even get to open it! So he went on to read the whole book in a day and show it to EVERY ONE in the family besides ME! So he showed it to my mom, dad, and other brother. He kept careful guard over it for the next two days. Then i got my revenge, he left the book in the dinning room and he was on the computer so i took the book and read it. Now i knew what his master plan would be so i could stop it. Of course that didn't happen he beat me to it. I just came home from school when he asked me,"When are you gonna go up to your room?" I stared at him. He never asked me that or asked me anything for that matter. So i told him later and then went upstairs. He followed me as i stepped into my room. It was a NIGHTMARE! He knocked over my little glass figurines *thankfully nothing was broken* and he put every thing in all the wrong spots including about ten bazillion things in my bed and on the ladder to my bed, just so you know its a loft bed. I turned on him and you wana know what he did! he SMILED at me, SMILED!!! Out of ALL the things he could've done he SMILED. Then he spoke up, "How do you like your room?" I yelled at him to get out and then i chased him around the house until my mom go home. It was all from that one itty bitty book. I am warning all the older sisters out there. If you EVER see your younger brother *maybe even your sister* holding that book, grab it and RUN! Or if you own it, destroy it. It inflicts pain to the older sister race. NEVER GET THAT BOOK OR FACE ITS CONSEQUENCES!!!! Im just warning you all so you don't end up with a messed up room that will take FOREVER to clean.
Good luck to you all!