Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dances and trips

Ok yesterday i had my 8th grade dance. it was so much FUN!! The first hour or so was awkward though because it was still light and i guess no one really wanted to see each other dance. It was Neon Lights so one side of the room was completely dark except for the sky lights so yeah..almost every one started dancing once it got dark and it was soooo cool! they had black lights so peoples shirts were lighting up and there were THOUSANDS of glow sticks! i got like five glow sticks for each arm and i had this three colored glow stick necklace around my head like a headband and i got these neon colored sun glasses. I popped the lenses out of them so i could see :P.
I danced with my friends and it was crazy!
Then the slow song came on....
I started doing ballet by myself and then got my friends to do it too. I've never done ballet...well not a real class anyways. And so i spun around and such whilst my friends bugged me to ask one of my guy friends to dance with me. I didn't do it and they got mad but whatever i have my rights!
Then for the last 30 minutes of the dance they played a slide show of pictures throughout the three years we've been there.
It was really sad because it brought up all the memories and i realized im really gonna miss this school! along with all of my friends really surprised im even saying old teachers. over all...

Oh yes the whole trip thing....
well my friend and i were at the food table to get something to eat when she said "Their playing the Cotton Eye Joe" which is one of my favorite songs to dance to so i run into the dancing area and slip onto my bum
i didn't see what it was until after they turned the lights on
it was a streamer
it was really slippery and of course out of all the people there I am the one to step on it, trip, and fall on my side/ bum.
I woke up this morning and i realized i can barley lift my right arm up! i guess i fell harder than i thought i did cause it still hurts even as im writing this!

Well now im gonna sleep feeling satisfied that i have informed you on my recent where abouts


  1. lol, I had my school dance too!



  2. Yikes! You didn't break it again, did you?

    Yeah, I'm glad I didn't go. I would have died.