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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


OK so lately i've been going on Deviant Art because the Fanfiction site decide to not let me search ANYTHING! SO i cam across a sketch-dump by someone i found earlier in the year and i really liked her work. Her Deviant Art name is Bri-Chan so that is why i named it that and there is this one picture that is cracking me up even as i type this! It never gets old well anyways here it is for your enjoyment.

This is the Mad Hatter and Alice for those who didn't know, this is what they look like at Disney World..well except for the clothes that is but what ever i still find it very funny  : )

and another one for the heck of it :P

Ok i don't really know what Buzz is saying buit for those who watched Toy Story 3 they will understand this comic strip : )

By the way this is the 50th post i have ever done YEAY!!! *streamers appear and room goes into full party mode* LOL but yeah i have to get going going to D.C. on Wednesday *tomorrow for those who read it today :P*

Wish me luck on the five hour bus ride!



  1. It was six hours on the bus.
    That's the picture on your phone.

  2. You need to write a blog post on DC. Now.