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Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Bash

Ok so yes today in fact was my birthday!!
So i started out by going to school taking three tests have a bunch of people say happy birthday to me and then get a gift from my friend a very awesome gift i might add.
After school i went to visit my baby cousin who is ADORABLE as ever!
Then went to a sushi place for diner and then went to see Thor.
AMAZING MOVIE!!! You all need to see it!
So on the way home im talking to my dad about the marvel comics and when i walk in the door...
"SURPRISE!!" Three of my best friends are sitting on my couch and almost gave me a heart attack! We enjoyed some ice cream cake and then they left and now im on here telling you all this. Sorry im not so detailed trying to post it on the day :P
so thats bout it!


  1. Good girl. You listened to my directions.
    I had to take five tests. FIVE TESTS! That's equivalent to one in every academic class. Only, I didn't have one in Social Studies, I had it in Health instead.
    So how is Bovril doing?

    Also, today is Saturday. Happy Birthday! :P


    I hope it was wonderful!
    I want to let you know that Derek sent you a birthsay Gretting. I can't remember what poat. I will try to fing it for you. I can't right now though. :)
    Hope I have a chance to chat with you later.

  3. *pokes* You haven't written a blog post in over a week.