Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HUZZAH!!! i should have made this post a while ago but whatever im too lazy and such :P
SO i just finished vacation and during vacation i went to New York City to go to a museum. The discovery museum had a special exhibet on guess what.......HARRY POTTER!!!! *fangirl scream* and my dad bought us tickets to go see it as a surprise. SO we get to time square and find the museum and we have to wait half an hour until we can go in and all the while i have my phone out and ready to take a TON of pictures. Once i finally got into the museum they said NO PICTURES!! i was soo mad at them! i was torn but the museum was AMAZING!!! they had a LOT of stuff from the movies EVERYTHING you see is from the movies! Even the one that isn't out yet :D
I stopped short once we got to the end the lady there said that we would not be able to enter again once we entered the gift shop. I kept pacing back and forth trying to force myself to go into the gift shop. i SO did not want to leave! It was like paradise in there!! Eventualy i forced my self to go into the gift shop and once we left i started to cry. Yes i cried because i didn't want to leave! It was like my dream come true! I cried and it was sad.

So now hear i am stalling to work on my homework talking to you guys about my vacation.....should probably get started now.....

oh wait no i have one more thing to tell you readers out there

today in Scocial studies we did the strangest activity, we were all in a circle and there were about 7-8 chairs in the middle of the desk circle. My teacher picked 7 volunteers and three of them went outside. I was not one of the chosen so i had to watch and listen, the other 4 volunteers had to start talking about their high school fears, the other three students would come in and try and join in on the conversation, depending on what chair the three students sat in one student the others would all agree with no matter what, another student would be wrong for everything, and the third would be ignored. The conversation changed very quickly from high school to collage and so on and so forth. It was a very strange exersice but it was hilarious! wish you could have heard the conversation for your self!

Ok thats all for now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas & Firemen

So today i go to school like normally and then i go to first period like normally. Today we finished The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas, the first period of the day and that is a SAD MOVIE!! I felt like crying when i saw the ending i felt like my heart split in two! It was really depressing and such and today it was raining so it only made the mood sadder and such...

Ok so right now as i type this firemen yes FIREMEN are in my home because the smoke alarm went off because of the shower so they came over because they are right up the hill from us and such....this has been a very interesting night so far... well i must be off to do my homework and such.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Washington D.C.

America's capitol and i was there fact our trip made it to the news! But I'll get to that bit later for now i must start the story!

I sleep for an hour, make sure all my stuff is packed and head off for school at 5:45 in the morning. Yes we were going to leave at 6 so we had to be there early and such. I get there find my group and a few minutes later were on the bus. Our bus leaves our lovely school and we set on our 6 hour long bus ride to D.C. It was PAINFUL! sitting on a bus for 6 hours gets really boring. It was worth it once we got there. We first stopped at the Arlington Cemetery *ok not our first stop but the first stop was just to take a group picture so not so important* We drove around the massive grave sight looking at rows and rows and rows of tomb stones. We then stopped and watched the changing of the guards. it was so silent you could hear a pin drop. It was pretty cool to see the soldier check the gun and the way they switched the guards. Immediately following we had the wreath laying ceremony in which a few of us would help in placing the wreath. After all this excitement we head back to the buses. We stand out side each of our buses and wait for a while. Finally we get onto the bus....then we get right back off. Our chaperons told us to take all our stuff besides our luggage. We did as we were told and headed back towards Arlington. We kept asking why we couldn't go on the buses and they said it had something to do with paper work. We did not question any further. We never did see those buses again instead we went onto the train. It was crowded and fast. I actually lost my ticket but thankfully the guy let me through with ease. We then walked to Carmines where we ate spaghetti and baseball sized meatballs. After dinner we walked to Ford's Theater to see Liberty Smith, a playing saying that most of the stuff these famous people did he did (ex. Paul Reviers  ride, the discovery of electricity, the Boston Tea Party etc.) and the famous people took the credit. Not a very good play :/ Finally we got onto a bus and headed to the hotel. It was a very nice hotel and i fell asleep in an instant. :D

We get an annoying wake up call at 6:30 in the morning, mind you we went to sleep round 12 12:30ish. I did not want to get up so my room mates litterally dragged me out of bed. Went down to breakfast at 730ish and then set off to the Newseum. It was so COOL! We saw some cartoons, the transmitter tower from the Twin Towers after 9/11 and such and such. Me and my roommates also went to a 4-D show, that was also cool! Things popped out at you and at one point i screamed cus i thought a rat scuttered under my foot :P silly me. Next stop was the Air and Space museum where we ate lunch and basically hung around the gift shop the entire time :P Soon after it was sight seeing time. We first stopped at the Iwo Jima memorial. If you looked at the flagpole and move towards the front it looked as if it was raising the flag. Amazing! World War II was next on the list. I kept walking around and taking pictures of quotes on the walls. By the end my friends all asked me,"really?" The Vietnam memorial was next on our list of things to see. The wall was endless from the looks of it. There were so many people i felt really sad and so i quietly said a prayer for the ones who are no longer with us. Abraham Lincoln the most truthful president we've ever had. His memorial is HUGE!! i took pictures of him like fifty times! My friends and i had time to kill after the picture fiasco so we sat on the stairs and looked at the ceiling. The final stop of the day was the Blair house. We walked around and saw protesters on the street. Some of us went up to them to see what they were protesting about. They didn;t want their taxes to be used to pay soldiers so they were protesting about it. We went back to the hotel and got ready for the dance we were going to have. Boy was that some dance! I only danced half the time, the other half i was trying to sort out this boy trouble with my friend. Apparently two boys like her, one got jelouse of the other etc etc very stupid boy stuff *no affence to those who i don't know* then it was time to sleep yet again.

Wake up, finish packing, leave the hotel for good and set off for the Museum of American History. That was an AMAZING museum. I went outside afterward to copy down the quotes i saw in front of the building when i got there and i only got 1 quote and 3/4 of a quote before i was dragged away from the building. We were off on another ever lasting journey home. Once we got home at around 7ish there were people from the news there.

Here is why:
Apparently the bus company that we rented the buses from, their insurance stuff had "expired" according to what their plates said. The company said that their insurance didn't expire until 2012. So technically we were riding on illegal buses but we didn't know that until we got there. i got to be on the news! yeay!

Now im home writing this to you all after watching Megamind, awesome movie for those who don't know it :P  now it is time to sleep.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


OK so lately i've been going on Deviant Art because the Fanfiction site decide to not let me search ANYTHING! SO i cam across a sketch-dump by someone i found earlier in the year and i really liked her work. Her Deviant Art name is Bri-Chan so that is why i named it that and there is this one picture that is cracking me up even as i type this! It never gets old well anyways here it is for your enjoyment.

This is the Mad Hatter and Alice for those who didn't know, this is what they look like at Disney World..well except for the clothes that is but what ever i still find it very funny  : )

and another one for the heck of it :P

Ok i don't really know what Buzz is saying buit for those who watched Toy Story 3 they will understand this comic strip : )

By the way this is the 50th post i have ever done YEAY!!! *streamers appear and room goes into full party mode* LOL but yeah i have to get going going to D.C. on Wednesday *tomorrow for those who read it today :P*

Wish me luck on the five hour bus ride!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Pranks and fish

Yes today is indeed April 1st or APRIL FOOLS DAY!! So today in school we basically just did school work and watched videos about our upcoming trup to D.C. leaving in about 4 days! WOOT! So anyways i go into my second period class and see these little square pieces of paper on everyones desk. I pick up my little square and it has a fish on it and says Le poisson d'avril or in english the April fish. My teacher then explaned to us that this was a prank that many french students play on each other on this day. SO during orchestra i stick my fish on my friends hood. He was oblivious to it all for the whole period! Me and my friends were cracking up! Finally at the end of the period someone told him he had a fish on his back and we were all sad because we thought he was gonna have it on the whole day. Well so much for that :P