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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Things are so quiet here! I went downtown and the street was REALLY quite. The streets there are NEVER quiet. It was kind of scary, like those action movies where everything gets really quiet except for the music and then suddenly BAM! Everything explodes right in your face! So we were shopping down there and I remembered something that happened yesterday. Me and my Dad went food shopping and when we went to check out my Dad saw that on the check out screen it said 72 avocados. We only bought 2. Luckily he caught it before she printed out the receipt so we saved about $100. So yeah bored out of my mind now. I can't stand it anymore! Everything is so quiet. Living right next to the highway you get used to hearing a lot of noise so its unnatural for so much quietness. Well now i must try and take all this quietness in and see if anything watchable is on TV.
Ta ta for now!

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