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Monday, July 25, 2011

Guess who!!!


LOL ok so maybe not better than ever cus im SUPER tired i woke up like at 11:30ish this morning i have NEVER in my life woken up that early

Camp was a blast! there was sooooo much that happened in a short amount of time so there are a few things i must shout across the blog :P

1) We went to Six Flags!!! whilst we were there i hugged Tweety, Elmer Fudd, Mr. Six, Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny! I feel very accomplished with that

2) We had COLOR WAR!! For those who don't know about color war i will explain it to you the way my camp does it,
so we divide the camp into four teams  
אדום, כחול, לבן, ירוק
(in english from right to left its red, blue, white, and green)
and for the whole day we battle it out to become the winning team or in my case the winning super villain because our theme was SUPER VILLAINS!!!
Red= The Queen of Hearts
White= VOLDEMORT!! *i put in caps cus i was on white >:D*
Blue= Megamind *HE IS NOT A VILLAIN!!!*
Green= Wicked Witch of the West
So in the end my team came in third sadly and red won grrrr ah well there's always next year!!

3) We had Berkshires
now my camp is a chain camp they have them every where! but our sister camp is the one in Berkshires (not england!) and we go against them in team sports so in Plamer *the place i go to for camp* we call the competitive sports Berkshires cus thats who we go against
this year instead of the JV teams coming to us we went to them that meant a three hour bus ride there and back on coach busses
the day was long and HOT!! I was on JV Dance team so we didn't perform until the end of the day around 4ish we practiced for the whole day and by the time we preformed most of our teams had lost to Berkshires but we were there to bring the spirit back up cus technically JV Dance already won *they didn't have a team we did but we never really compete we just show off : )* and boy did we have spirit! it was probably the best part of the day! that and sleeping on the bus :P

4) then there was last night in which i WAS going to write this blog post but i was WAY too tired to do anything cus i went to see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2!!! During the movie i was crying my eyes out being the loving geek and freak i am and also being all knowing of Harry Potter i knew what was coming......except for the end......THEY CHANGED IT ON ME!! but thats another story and i don't want to ruin the movie for you yeah i was basically crying my eyes out and almost yelling at the movie screen i was this close to screaming at the movie screen but i didn't i held back....just barely 

then i came home and went to sleep and then woke up at like 11:30ish today! and now HERE I AM!!!
so now im caught up to the present i have missed you all and im glad to be back!
till next time!