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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


YES WHOOOO HOOOO!!! So as i said today was the day that my mom was gonna send in the money for the Jewish high school, so this morning she asked me what i wanted to decide and from what she said the night before, if i went to public school it would be a living nightmare, but anyway i would be able to go there. So i told her i don't know cause i don't like making choices so early in the morning so she was gonna make the choice for me.

Oh no! you say?!

Well FEAR NOT!! because she never sent in the money...IM GOING TO PUBLIC SCHOOL HOORAH!!! I HAVE WON THE BATTLE!!! *When not completely i still have to do somethings i don't want to  so i can go there but whatever :P*

I am soooo happy! When my mom told me i was like YES and she told me "You seem so excited, so why didn't you just tell me public school in the first place?"
I look at her real serious and place a hand on her shoulder and say with my most serious face "because i knew you would make the right decision for me" She started cracking up it was pretty funny. Now time to celebrate WOOO HOO!!

Random stereogram
stare straight through it and you should see an image pop out at you
comment on what you think it is :)
two different stereograms the first is number one and the second is pudding no sorry i mean number two :P



  1. Well, number 1 is obviously a picture of a bunny picking up strawberries!

    And number 2 is.....uh.........a rabbit?

    i keep seeing rabbits 2day.....




    *does the victory dance and high fives Skulgirl*

    YES!!! I prayed for you on this! I'm so happy for you! Well done Skulgirl!

  3. YAY!! Congratulations! That's so fantastic! :D


    the first one issss....
    A butterfly!... No
    Really weird bean soldiers with hearts for stomachs?

    ~zooms out trying to see what it REALLY is~

    ~doesn't see anything new~

    Hmm perhaps I'm just bad at seeing the big pictures? xD

  4. Omigod Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell your mom that I love her and that she is awesome. Yayy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're going to the same school as meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!