Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Randomness and...bunnies?

Yes it is all about the random. That is what todays theme is about. I have been saying a lot of things lately that don't quite make sense. For example I told my friends this a few days ago when we were watching Rent, "There is no such thing as sane, everyone is insane *i pause realizing what i just said then i contradict myself* wait wouldn't that make every one sane?' My friends just laughed REAL helpful there! *sigh* Any ways about the whole bunny issue. I was watching iCarly today and it happened to be the episode in which they draw bunnies for a really dedicated fan named Chad who takes up half their e-mails. So I decided i wanted to draw a bunny with a marker just to see what i could do. First try i started with the body and trust me you NEVER want to do that, then you will NEVER get the head right. So i did it a second time, this time i started with the head. It came out a LOT better! Here is a picture of the bunny.

and now for a picture of Mickey Mouse that i drew imitating the Mickey on the box to Kingdom of Hearts the newest one i think.

So thats about it. Ill come on soon and well see what more random things i might have to say!


Friday, December 24, 2010

The last Day of School First Day of Vacation!

YES! vacation is FINALLY HERE!!! I had to take a final today *or should i say yesterday because it is now midnight?* and it was easier than it sounded. But even before that i said something that made me sound REALLY smart. At the lunch table i told my friend and this is exactly word for word,
"Trust me i've imagined things you would have never imagined"
Real smart right?!

The biggest challenge of the day though was Health. It's not the reason you're probably thinking of, no, instead of doing our normal talking today we were given a challenge, we had to see if we could fit twelve, count them, TWELVE nails on the head of one nail stuck in wood. At one point i got so frustrated I threw my head back and banged it against the nearest table. *yes i didn't remember that it was there*

ANYWAYS, after health I had gym. Now gym isn't really one of my top ten things to do the least period of the day the last day of school before vacation, but i had to go anyways. So we had a choice, stay in the big gym and play basket ball or go into the fitness room and do fitness stuff. I stuck with basket ball. So about half way through my friend drops his ball and I pick it up. So my first reaction when he asked me to give him his ball back was to run. Yep thats right i RAN. I grabbed that ball and ran around the gym until I sorta.....backed myself into a corner. Another very smart move of mine. Then we played a game of HORSE in which I lost my ball he stole it and then i chased HIM all around the gym until I just stole his ball again and then we kept on trying to see who could shoot more baskets. Neither of us won, my other friend got a shot with his HEAD! So automatically he won.

That is basically it for today. *yeaterday? i'm still not quite sure 'bout that*

Good Night All!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Concerts and More Concerts

Ok that had to be done. I found these guys when i was surfing through some of my old files and poof, there they were!

ANYWAY...... today we had a really messed up schedule because we had not one but TWO concerts to see today. Well i only had one but there were two going on....... The concert i saw was a candle light concert at the other middle school in my home land. It was pretty good! Way better than our concert at least.  But i have to say.....THEY STOLE ONE OF OUR SONGS!!!!!!!! Yes tis true they took one of OUR songs and used it for their concert. I feel i don't really know what i feel but still it got me a little mad at them for stealing OUR song. There was at least a few songs i recognized from stuff i did or heard. The orchestra played Making Christmas from Nightmare Before Christmas and they made their own version of the can can. Now THAT was HILARIOUS!!! That was most likely my favorite song out of the whole show. Then we only had half a class room because most of the students are in chamber whatever or jazz whatever so they went to go preform for the incoming sixth graders.
I can't believe almost half the year is gone soon it's off to high school with me. Gah thats a scary thought! Well thats all for now!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The most EPIC catch up EVER!

OK the concert was actually a HUGE success people could actually HEAR us this time! The band had this really cool effect where they went on the balcony and some people played from there and the chorus was PERFECT! I can't wait until the spring concert!

My friends made up and now everything is right with the friendship circle.

I had a TERRIBLE headache yesterday though and every time i moved it felt like a BOULDER came crashing on my head! I'm WAYYYY better now though it was just a one time thing.

and now for some random pictures i took when i got really bored!

yes they are not PEOPLE but my art teacher said i had good angles! so yeah....

now for.......... RANDOM PICTURES!!!!!!
 This one is my FAVORITE!!! i even made a quote for what was happening here since the movie hasn't come out yet. OK here it is, "STARING CONTEST!!! *intense silence* GAH THE CUP KEEPS WINNING!"

 These last two are in honor of my FAVORITE series and to the author who wrote that series!

 hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fights and why i hate them! Also pre concert jitters

Ok so two of my many best friends are fighting for reasons i don't and probably won't ever find out about. I gym on Monday both of them asked me to be their partner in volleyball. I was torn, in my mind i was yelling at them to build a bridge and then get over it and on the outside i told them, "I HAT being in the middle of the fight so i'm not going to talk to either of you until you make up and become friends again!" And then we got put into teams for rounds so the gym problem was sorta solved for now at least.

My 8th grade winter concert is tomorrow and today we SUCKED during both orchestra and chorus rehearsals. I'm scared to see what happens tomorrow i have four strait classes where all im doing is reheasing then in my next three classes i doubt anyone is going to be there. Tomorrow shal indeed be interesting i will post more about how the concert went tomorrow probably REALLY late.

wish me luck!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving! *and a quick game of catch up*


*lol fall colors! It just HAD to be done  and you know it!*

Well anyways now that that is out of my system I can now say that this was a very good Thanksgiving. We went to my Aunts house and i got to see my baby cousin again! She is ADORABLE!!!! She is now one and this was her first Thanksgiving! She was always moving and now she HATES to be picked up or to actually sit down but, and let me tell you THIS was a miracle,  she actually stayed in my lap AFTER i was done feeding her AND she sat in my lap earlier by choice. I was so happy!

Oops forgot to write about spirit week and the pep-rally!

With all this Thanksgiving preparation I almost forgot to write about what happened for miss match day! Well I wasn't the only one who was miss matched thank GOODNESS! but some of my friends were un-spirited *looks evily at next door neighbor* and so i was very sad to see that. Then yesterday we had spirit day and the pep-rally! EVERYONE was in red, black and white though a small few didn't but still the art teacher was even painting peoples faces! They looked AMAZING! I had face paint too, the football style, but it started to irritate my skin so I peeled it off sorta and now my cheeks are still red. The pep-rally is just a big basketball game teachers vs. students boys vs. girls. The varsity team won for the girls game but the teachers won for the guys game, the teachers only won because they stopped the clock 4 min. till the end and they scored the last second. It wasn't as fun as years before and we failed the wave twice but i still lost my voice and went home happy and boiling hot from the heat in the gym! my friend *glances towards non-spirited friend next door* was reading the whole time, me and my other friend were trying to get her to watch the game we didn't ask her to cheer but jsut to at LEAST watch the game. She didn't but i forgive her.

That is all for now i guess.....

Skulgirl13 out PEACE!

Monday, November 22, 2010

WOW I haven't posted in AGES!

WOAH. that is really all i can say right now i've missed so many days! OK I will now attempt to fill in with my recent activites

Camp Reunion!

So i want to a B-side reunion at my camp. We came WAY too early and my dad and i thought that the reunion was being hosted at someplace else because the place looked like a dessert there was no one there! It looked so dead......really depressing......but then we found ....yes you guessed it...PEOPLE! Turns out no one from my age group bothered to sign up (thanks "friends"!) and so i was the ONLY person from my age group! Luckily my new friends from the eldest group said i could hang with them that weekend. Overall it was FANTASTIC!


I was SO PUMPED TO SEE IT! My friend told me on the 18th the day before it came out that she was inviting my lunch table *including me* to go see the movie right after school the next day!
Here's a little showing of what happened when i heard this news...
*At Skulgirl's house*

*Skulgirl's cell phone rings*
friend: hey im were going to see harry potter tomorrow and your coming too is it ok with your mom that my mom drives us there right after school
me:u-uh-u-u-u-h-u-h-u-h-u........HERES MY MOM
*tosses phone to mom starts bouncing off the walls while mom talks to friend looking at me like im a maniac while i start to scream my head off*
so the next day two periods before we leave i keep glancing at the clock and it looks like i have a nervous tick it was funny to see the teachers face when i was glancing aat the clock every five seconds
before the movie i bounced off the wall........after i was bawling my eyes out and i NEVER cry in movies all my friends were comforting me they were all smiles and i was there sobbing my eyes out! But, it was an EPIC movie and i REALLY want to see it again!

Brother's Nerf Dart Gun Birthday War

The next day i had to start cleaning the house for my brother's birthday party. It was a Nerf war. My plan was to go to my balcony on the second floor of my house and shoot the little munchkins from there.......unfortunately that plan was short lived for my father yelled at me and said i must be on the ground......i was very saddened...but i got to see my baby cousin who is one. She is so CUTE! She is now walking and talking and is ALWAYS saying hi to EVERYONE! It's TOO CUTE!

And that brings us to this day....week...whatever!

Today was crazy hat/hair day! This is the start of spirit week! Well its more of spirit days because it only lasts three days and then its Thanksgiving recess! I wonder why they would call it spirit week if it's only three days......
So back to today...i wore a Kermit the frog hat that my mom bought at Marshals....barely anyone wore a hat but some people had really funny hair! So in gym today we played tug of war i was on team 1 note i wore my hat through the whole consisted of me two guys and two other girls who are my friends! *one of them the one who took us to Harry Potter!*......We are UNDEFEATED! we beat ALL of the other teams! We won the gold! I think it came from my hat that's where all that power came from.......the only consequence is that my shoulders will KILL tomorrow! But its a small price to pay! Tomorrow is Wacky Dress up day i'll fill you guys in on what happens!

wow......this is probably the longest post i have ever done so far......


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tooth Emergencey!

I LOST ANOTHER TOOTH! I just like five seconds ago lost a to loose 8 more teeth and then i'm all done!

Friday, November 5, 2010

End of Marking Period 1

Ok i FINALLY finished my project in wood shop! And on the last day of the first marking period.
On Monday i begin Health...but i have a great teacher so that makes up for it!

In other news i also got the Student of the Marking Period award for my UA and during lunch today i had water spilled all over my left side and onto my new uggs. Both me and my uggs recovered thank goodness. Going to a Bar Mitzvah soon, hope i stay awake during the service!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


OMG! I have figured out how to add gadgets *i know its sad that i just figured it out but i don't care* and i add fishes and puppies! So adorable!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a surprise prompt today! No warning or anything, the teacher told us, "You won't be needing your notebooks today. Were taking a prompt every eighth grade has to." In my mind i screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But i still took it and even though i couldn't stand it i think i did pretty well. The rest of the day was a blast got to chase friends down the street always a good laugh and i had a great karate class! So thats it for now be back with some more news later!


Sunday, October 31, 2010



Skulgirl13 :3

Saturday, October 30, 2010


We have had the mile i passed but felt terrible afterwords. The next day we had a dress up day where we went to school in our costumes! I went as a pirate but some people two of them being teachers said i was a gypsy and one person even asked if i was a ZOMBIE! I was like, "No.......I'm a pirate." and then he was like, "oh i thought you were a zombie because you're reading a book about zombies." So that killed half the day but it was funny to see everyone walk around in a costume. The funniest part was during math the UA staff came in dressed as people from Alice in Wonderland the Tim Burton version. They scared me because it was all quiet in the classroom then they just come in and start snapping pictures. Also a new girl came that day, it is hard to be a new girl in school especially if its on a dress up day! You don't know who is who really!

Now i must wait 'till Halloween actually arrives *sigh* ah well only one more day!

Your scary host,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mile Run approches....AHHHHHHHHHH!

The mile run is tomorrow and i'm freaking out right now i'm not ready to do the mile run yet. I absolutely HATE running it's one of the things i can't stand to do. I don't care about push ups or sit ups its the mile run that gets me every year. Two years ago i got 9 min. and 21 sec mile i hope i can either beat that or come close to it i just dont want an 11 minute mile. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Party!

I just came back from my cousins sleepover party! It was fun........until it came to going to sleep. The other people were so LOUD i tried to go to sleep at 11:00 but it didn't work. Instead i fell asleep at 3:30 in the morning and woke up at 7:00. So now i am over tired and sleepy but i can't fall asleep so here i am!

Goodbye for now!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Curse of the Half Day

So yes today was indeed a half day for me, but what happened DURING the half day is what is terrible.....*dream sequence sound to last period of the day* i was in gym and were playing soccer, it was a corner kick, the girl kicked it and it was aimed straight at my face my instant reflexes brought my hands to my face where it just got the ball, the ball bounced off of me and we played on. That really HURT! Then later when i was on the bus my friend threw her phone at me! I know she was just kidding she was trying to see if it would hurt someone....and i was the closest target. Then later on during the ride home she fell on me and squished me to the wall but i don't really care because i tickled her after. That is her weakness. But now i am happy and full of soup so goodbye for now!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High School Representitives Stink

I just had a day with an HOUR AND A HALF of people talking about how successful their school is and how much blah blah blah....... I went mental from hearing them go on and on and on about it, it was TORTURE for kids.

Today during Wood Shop i was using a hot glue gun and i burned myself and it hurt! well now i must think of an idea for my costume Goodbye!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Yeah picture day was today, i was Horrified! i had to wait 6 periods and lunch ntill i got my picture taken and i had gym today so the odds of me having a great picture were slim to none. My so called friend wrote a nasty comment on my favorite authors blog for that she is now my enemy but i can't stay mad for that long because she made us cupcakes today they were good but still...... JENN YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!! haaaaaaa  well yeah now i must go bug her on her blog Good bye all! :3

Sunday, October 10, 2010


he said i was funny yessssss that is some major points there MAJOR POINTS! here is what he said

Derek Landy said... Skulgirl13 said...
October 9, 2010 3:37 AM
Skulgirl13 said...
*shmushes face against derek's computer screen and taps* hello anyone there?

Highly amusing, Skulgirl13! You made me laugh...!

i am so HAPPY

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain rain go away come again another day!

its been soo rainy for the past two weeks but hopefully it's supposed to be sunny for the rest of the week.

We started fitness tests on Monday and i started out with sit ups i did 80 out of 80 so now my abs really hurts! wish me luck i have three more before the mile run!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


This was like the BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!! i had the best time with my friends and it was like a giant party yeah! *starts dancing like a crazed maniac* Whoooooooo hoooooooo!

And this is like the most hilarious picture ever!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

HALF DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

school got canceled half way because of a "storm" but any way i got my ear drums blasted out by screams and  i killed my teachers printer but it was also mucky out but now I'm home blogging and everything's right with the world

very tierd,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Uggg another monday

Its raining and cold here. Today was a drag, everything was dark and gray. Even though it was terrible weather i was still super hyper for no apparent reason. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement. I finally had art club today which was a total blast even though they let us out early and i got drenched!
Otherwise today was great!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


OMG DEREK LANDY RESPONDED TO ME IN HIS BLOG THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HERE IS WHAT HE SAID,"Good Lord, a LOT of you already ARE unstoppable fighting machines... I am impressed...!

I'm being asked a load of questions, as per usual, and I don't really have time to answer them right now, but I will say hello to Skulgirl13 and, er, sorry to harming some of your favourite characters...!" He welcomed me into his blog PERSONALLY i CAN NOT believe what i am seeing here pinch myself i must be dreaming.....OUCH.... ok so im not dreaming wait that means......YES THIS WAS NOT A TOTAL WASTE OF MY TIME IM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY and  DEREK LANDY HAS TALKED TO ME YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So about five minutes ago i FINALLY lost my first canine tooth, i know you may think,"Are you SERIOUS???????" but yes my gums are very stubborn and refuse to let go of the past. This little sucker here has been giving me aches for the past three days or so so now I am proud to say i have lost it and now i have a small pattern going on it's tooth, hole, tooth, hole, tooth then the row of pearly whites. That is all for now.
Your dear writer,
(P.S. I finally wrote a post on Derek Landy's blog yesssssssssssss)

Hey a little about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK for all of you who didn't know i am OBSESSED with Skulduggery Pleasant series so some of the things i type might spoil the books so for any of you who haven't read books one through five of the series i advise you not to read most of the posts that read SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT! in red. I also might refer some stuff to any other books in the Harry Potter series and in the Percy Jackson series so again look for the spoiler sign so you won't be mad. I am also very very very very very very very close to being a black belt i also know how to use six weapons but i must only use them for defense( as if i would carry them around with me pfft) so yeah...... im gonna just go now bye! 8D


OmG!!!!!!!!!!! this is myfirst blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D