Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ok first of all want to say I MET SCOTT WESTERFELD AND HE TOOK MY FRIEND AND I'S PICTURE AAHHHHHH!!!!!!! That was totally awesome did that on the 22 and then today for halloween had no school because of a snow "storm" that left a ton of people without power so the school was used as refuge for people! Then i stayed home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl and ate candy :P 


Friday, October 21, 2011

Best school day EVER!....well so far at least :)

Ok so today had to be the BEST school day EVER!!! First period of the day i got a FREE BAGEL!!! but wait! it gets better! second period i get to watch the hunchback of notre dame! the disney version!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Third period....well im gonna skip third period the only bad part of the day :P
but 7th period we just worked on a lab the whole time! 6th was lunch thats always fun. 5th we did a worksheet then talked the rest of the period, 4th we took a bunch of notes but it was still hilarious cus there were a bunch of random comments and stuff :P then after that we had a pep rally! well we WERE gonna have a pep rally, instead the fire department came because something smelled funny in the music hallway so they pulled the fire alarm and we went out to the football field and spent most of the rest of school there talking to people and stuff. then we went back inside to our homerooms for about ten minutes then we went home and now im eating a chilled hershey bar! yum! and then later on today im going to go to the circus with my friends! talk about being totally awesome LOL XD you guys really need to watch A Very Potter Musical on youtube it is TOTALLY AWESOME! *you'll get the joke once you watch it* BYE EVERYONE!!