Saturday, August 6, 2011

And then there were four... >:}

Ok so it's not as evil as you think
actually i lost another tooth!
yes i am a little old to still have some baby teeth not my fault they don't want to leave me
apparently i have no root left to keep the teeth in but the fibers that connect the tooth to the gum are too strong and won't let go! and thats why their not falling out
weird right?
so anyways now i have four more baby teeth left hooray!
then braces.... : (
but for now i must quote the Weasley twins on this occasion *movie not book*
" 'How you feeling Gorgie?'
*mutters* 'Saint-like'
'Saint-like' *points to hole in his head* 'I'm holey Fred!'
'Out of all the jokes in the world you choose 'i'm holey'" gosh i love Harry Potter :3


  1. LOL Skulgirl! You are a SAINT now!

    But isn't that part in the book too?

  2. Wow. Four teeth left... And how long did this take? XD