Monday, January 31, 2011


OK were watching Unwrapped right now and everyone is going crazy over all the chocolate they're showing sooooo what happens next????

Thought i wasn't gonna tell ya huh? Well i am! My dad got up put on his coat and went out on a candy hunt. HOORAY FOR DAD! Yummy chocolate will soon be mine! :P



Ok so lately ive been in a drawing type of mood and i don't exactly know why.... so i decided to post the drawings i have done so far. *Sorry if there too light to see :P* and also sorry that half of them are side ways cant quite fix that and yeah im working on Shaggy right now from Scooby Doo will post him when im done with him.

That's all folks!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

And Then There Were Five

I just lost another tooth and it HURT! I was so annoyed with it so i ripped it out. And now my gum is hurting and pulsating but its worth it to finally get that wretched tooth out of my mouth. I can finally eat normaly! HUZZAH! So yeah no real important stuff to say just felt like telling yall that.


(P.S. i really need to draw something in your comment can you guys add the name of a cartoon character from a movie or a tv show or something or other that i may draw onto your comment that would be appriciated i will post up the requests once i am done with them :D)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Very Strange Day

OK so i havent posted in AGES and thats cus of a little something called SCHOOL. Yes the dreadful school. Lately me and my mom have been fighting about it because i want to go to the high school that i was supposed to go to but NO my mom told me im going to a different high school AWAY from all of my friends! its not fair that i had no say in it she just basically told me ok your going to this school thats final. so yeah im not in the greatest of moods and right now im sorta freaking out cus tomorrow i have to shadow a kid from the high school ill be going to. So tomorrow ill type in how the shadowing went and yeah thats all for now. Eat cookies and drink lots of milk.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brothers What a Pain

This is the story of how my youngest brother trashed my room. It all started with a book. A book with the name of How To Drive Your Sister Crazy. My brother picked it out from the library and brought it home. He didn't touch it for DAYS and i thought he forgot about it...that is until I picked it up. He immediately spotted the book and yanked it out of my hands. I didn't even get to open it! So he went on to read the whole book in a day and show it to EVERY ONE in the family besides ME! So he showed it to my mom, dad, and other brother. He kept careful guard over it for the next two days. Then i got my revenge, he left the book in the dinning room and he was on the computer so i took the book and read it. Now i knew what his master plan would be so i could stop it. Of course that didn't happen he beat me to it. I just came home from school when he asked me,"When are you gonna go up to your room?" I stared at him. He never asked me that or asked me anything for that matter. So i told him later and then went upstairs. He followed me as i stepped into my room. It was a NIGHTMARE! He knocked over my little glass figurines *thankfully nothing was broken* and he put every thing in all the wrong spots including about ten bazillion things in my bed and on the ladder to my bed, just so you know its a loft bed. I turned on him and you wana know what he did! he SMILED at me, SMILED!!! Out of ALL the things he could've done he SMILED. Then he spoke up, "How do you like your room?" I yelled at him to get out and then i chased him around the house until my mom go home. It was all from that one itty bitty book. I am warning all the older sisters out there. If you EVER see your younger brother *maybe even your sister* holding that book, grab it and RUN! Or if you own it, destroy it. It inflicts pain to the older sister race. NEVER GET THAT BOOK OR FACE ITS CONSEQUENCES!!!! Im just warning you all so you don't end up with a messed up room that will take FOREVER to clean.
Good luck to you all!