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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pranks and fish

Yes today is indeed April 1st or APRIL FOOLS DAY!! So today in school we basically just did school work and watched videos about our upcoming trup to D.C. leaving in about 4 days! WOOT! So anyways i go into my second period class and see these little square pieces of paper on everyones desk. I pick up my little square and it has a fish on it and says Le poisson d'avril or in english the April fish. My teacher then explaned to us that this was a prank that many french students play on each other on this day. SO during orchestra i stick my fish on my friends hood. He was oblivious to it all for the whole period! Me and my friends were cracking up! Finally at the end of the period someone told him he had a fish on his back and we were all sad because we thought he was gonna have it on the whole day. Well so much for that :P