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Monday, March 28, 2011


OK Lily i just found my copy of Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld and for those who haven't read it...


Ok now that that is done i would like to place an excerpt from the book *clears throat*just saying i might interrupt it will be in italics :P P.S. This was a chapter in Alek's point of view so thats why its Dylan not Deryn.

""It was." she turned to Dylan. "No matter what happens, I'll never forget what you've done for us. I think you're the most brilliant boy I've met." aww ain't that sweet and sappy! 
"Aye, well, I was just--"
Lilit didn't let him finish, but threw her arms around him, kissing him hard on the lips. After a long moment she pulled away and smiled. "I'm sorry. I was just curious."
"Curious? Barking spiders!" Dylan cried, a hand at his mouth. "You hardly know me!"
Lilit laughed and lifted the body kite into the air. As its wings filled with the cool sea breeze, she stepped to the edge of the cliffs, her hands on the pilot strut.
"I know you better than you think, Mr. Sharp." She smiled turning to Alek. "You don't know what a friend you have in Dylan."
With that, she stepped off into the darkness...and fell from their sight."

Well ok fine i admit it *takes a deep breath* i was wrong....OK happy now! i do think she thought she was going to kiss a guy but then realized she kissed Deryn not Dylan so technically Lily i think we were both right!


 OK so thats that and now i must go eat some thin mints and huddle near the TV.
 Good day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

FINALLY ITS.....Spring?

Yes today is the first day of spring, i expected a lot more sun shine and blue skies. Am i right? Of course im right im me! But no, today of all days the weather decided to play a little trick on us. Oh yes it certainly did.

I woke up to find a cloudy sky, Ok so i thought it was going to rain no big whoop. So i go out into the chilly March morning to find it reasonably chilly but not winter chilly. When i get to school it starts to rain, after first period i look outside to find it snowing. Yes you read right there was SNOW outside my window, it wasn't just a light sprinkle oh no the weather wanted to make it HUGE fat flakes falling from the sky and it was starting to build up too! It stopped though after lunch and now i found out were supposed to get more snow on wednesday and thursday. Sheesh some spring huh.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


YES WHOOOO HOOOO!!! So as i said today was the day that my mom was gonna send in the money for the Jewish high school, so this morning she asked me what i wanted to decide and from what she said the night before, if i went to public school it would be a living nightmare, but anyway i would be able to go there. So i told her i don't know cause i don't like making choices so early in the morning so she was gonna make the choice for me.

Oh no! you say?!

Well FEAR NOT!! because she never sent in the money...IM GOING TO PUBLIC SCHOOL HOORAH!!! I HAVE WON THE BATTLE!!! *When not completely i still have to do somethings i don't want to  so i can go there but whatever :P*

I am soooo happy! When my mom told me i was like YES and she told me "You seem so excited, so why didn't you just tell me public school in the first place?"
I look at her real serious and place a hand on her shoulder and say with my most serious face "because i knew you would make the right decision for me" She started cracking up it was pretty funny. Now time to celebrate WOOO HOO!!

Random stereogram
stare straight through it and you should see an image pop out at you
comment on what you think it is :)
two different stereograms the first is number one and the second is pudding no sorry i mean number two :P


Sunday, March 13, 2011


yes that is really all i can say at the moment. I have learned today that my mom is sending the rest of the payment for hebrew high school on tuesday. I DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE!!!

ok looking on a different side now

wednesday we went to get ice cream at McDonalds, my brother always like tho take the wrapper off the cone first so he could eat the ice cream without stopping, so he took off the wrapper........looked down...and said......"whast the.." and then he started laughing so i asked him what was so funny he toold me that he took off the wrapper and when he looked back down at the cone he got all freaked out because there was another wrapper on the cone! i started laughing and told him its the return of the wrapper FEAR IT!!! T'was pretty funny.

Thats all for now

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


OK so on monday we started a state wide test or should i say tests. We started with reading comprehension and that was OK i guess, sitting around for about 40 minutes waiting for the testing hour to be over at and listening to the pretesting rules.....OK i really hate CMT's but we have to take them, they are very important for out state yadda yadda. Anyways today i took the prompt CMT and i can not STAND the prompts. They were OK in like third grade but now we do PERSUASIVE writing. I am not good at persuasive writing, it bores me, and me and it do not mix, its like water and oil im water and its oil;i can not write a persuasive prompt to save my life. Thankfully the sheet that told us what prompt we were to write basically told us all of the points we needed to cover, so it ended up being easier than usual but still i hated ever minute of it. DRP testing is tomorrow and friday then we finally move away from Language arts and move onto Math and Science hooray! *total sarcasm for those who couldn't tell*
Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My oh my....

Well its been FOREVER since i've posted a new post. So ill start from Thursday because thats when the fun started.

Lunch was always fun and after i went to sewing to work on my quilt etc etc. At the end of sewing we were cleaning up and i picked up two  scissors, stuck them up each of my sleeves to make it look like i had no hands just scissors, and started opening and closing them saying to my friend, "FEAR ME I AM EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS!!" Pretty funny stuff :P
After that we headed over to gym where i was going to attempt to play a half court game of basket ball with me and two of my other friends against two guys in my class. My team was winning and the boys were failing miserably, during all this my friend who announced herself as "referee" was adding comments that made me laugh! At one point in the game one of the boys left us to go to the bathroom so my gym teacher stepped in for him, so now its three girls against one guy and a gym teacher, so then the "ref" decides to join in on my team and the guy came back now its 4 vs 3 and the guys and gym teacher are now starting to catch up all the while im laughing my guts out. In the end we lost by one and i was in tears of laughing so much. Yep very strange huh.

The day went by with the usual laughs and such and then we enter the realm of the bus. Half way through the bus ride my friend siting in the seat across from me said," Poke her head!" She was referring to my other friend sitting in front of me. So i poke the back of her head, she doesn't respond. "poke her again!" she says, so i poke her on the side of her head, no response. "Poke her again!" she repeated so i poked her again in the back of the head, this time she launched her hand out behind the seat grabbed my leg and wrestled my shoe off.  So now i only have one shoe again laughing my head off at how ridiculous the situation is and my friend behind my friend who told me to poke her is not aware of what just happened making me laugh even harder. I finally get my shoe back before my stop and i tell my friend what happened on the walk home, she was surprised she didn't hear it. Odd very odd.
At home i remember that i have to go to Shul that evening for something called Shabbat Across America. My mom was the one to "host" it well not really host she just put it all together can't think of the word at the moment....anyways so we go have dinner, pray, eat dessert. After prayer we had so much fun trying to make people laugh, i made the Rabbi laugh but now i think he's scared of me :P

I slept in HOORAY! then i watched a new episode of Stargate SG-1 always good. Then i decided i would ask my next door neighbor *my best friend* if she wanted to come outside because it was REALLY warm like no jacket warm it was amazing! I ended up going inside and watching Mulan, The Little Mermaid and half of Sweeney Todd. It was a very good day, full of laughs and crazy people. Not to mention movies.

So we have finally made it to today. Today which i start off with a boston cream doughnut, and hebrew school. I don't have classes on sunday but i help out the fifth grade class. Our Isreali emissary came in and we played a game of tic-tac toe using hebrew words. We then learned the prays that we say before we read the Megilah and line dancing *don't ask* We then go home and i sit around watching stargate yet again! We eat diner and then we went to see Rango. Its a very cute movie and i loved it. Johnny Depp is always amazing and can NEVER disappoint me. And that brings us to now in which i am writing this to you all because i felt the need to do it on thursday but got a little sidetracked. I am now watching Stargate Sg-1 season 7 the episode is called "Fallen" i am forever pausing it because i am writing this lovely blog post to you all.

Now its time to finally finish the episode.

heres a french song that i thought was funny