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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HUZZAH!!! i should have made this post a while ago but whatever im too lazy and such :P
SO i just finished vacation and during vacation i went to New York City to go to a museum. The discovery museum had a special exhibet on guess what.......HARRY POTTER!!!! *fangirl scream* and my dad bought us tickets to go see it as a surprise. SO we get to time square and find the museum and we have to wait half an hour until we can go in and all the while i have my phone out and ready to take a TON of pictures. Once i finally got into the museum they said NO PICTURES!! i was soo mad at them! i was torn but the museum was AMAZING!!! they had a LOT of stuff from the movies EVERYTHING you see is from the movies! Even the one that isn't out yet :D
I stopped short once we got to the end the lady there said that we would not be able to enter again once we entered the gift shop. I kept pacing back and forth trying to force myself to go into the gift shop. i SO did not want to leave! It was like paradise in there!! Eventualy i forced my self to go into the gift shop and once we left i started to cry. Yes i cried because i didn't want to leave! It was like my dream come true! I cried and it was sad.

So now hear i am stalling to work on my homework talking to you guys about my vacation.....should probably get started now.....

oh wait no i have one more thing to tell you readers out there

today in Scocial studies we did the strangest activity, we were all in a circle and there were about 7-8 chairs in the middle of the desk circle. My teacher picked 7 volunteers and three of them went outside. I was not one of the chosen so i had to watch and listen, the other 4 volunteers had to start talking about their high school fears, the other three students would come in and try and join in on the conversation, depending on what chair the three students sat in one student the others would all agree with no matter what, another student would be wrong for everything, and the third would be ignored. The conversation changed very quickly from high school to collage and so on and so forth. It was a very strange exersice but it was hilarious! wish you could have heard the conversation for your self!

Ok thats all for now!


  1. oops that little mark ~isnt supposed to be there!

  2. LUCKY!!!!!!

    So jealous.

    I'm actually re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-reading the Harry Potter series (27th time if you can't be bothered to count all those re's) :)

    And have you watched AVPM/AVPS on youtube?


  3. Yeah, that excersize was funny. Especially when A from my period started yelling at everyone. And then Mr.A said we were getting too silly and had to stop us.

  4. Also I keep missing you on the blog so wanted to tell you about....

  5. Skully-wully-tully-moo-blah-deryn-ahhh! You need to write a new blog post. Now. Or I shall give you my evil glare of death that I totally didn't just make up on the spot. *nodnod*

  6. You need to write a blog post about your birthday. Otherwise I'll have to and I can't say those two words to you today.

  7. Thank you for listening to me. Good girl.
    Also, I have taken over this comment section. This shall now be my plotting place to plan how I take over the UNIVERSE! I already have the sun and Mars under my control. Now I just have to take over everything else...

  8. Okay. I am bored, so I suppose I should just figure out how I am doing this whole universe taking over thing. Should I let Skulgirl keep Saturn? Hmmm...

  9. No one's posting anything! Not even Scott-la! I'm so boooored. Also, my email hates me and refuses to load any more pictures, so maybe I'll try my other email accounts.
    Ugh, I have piano tonight. I haven't practiced much this week. I'm going to fail my (non-existent) test. I would write this in a blog post, but this is easier. Also, my toe is randomly hurting. Okay, bye now.