Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Black Belts and (un)happy Endings

Oh my flippen gosh i just realized something extremely important.... I HAVE 12 MORE DAYS LEFT UNTIL MY BLACK BELT TEST :O
Now is the official time to freak out i need to start working double time no TRIPLE time

Im in freak out mode

Any ways about the (un)happy endings happy cus schools out in 17 days so my French teacher says but unhappy because i will greatly miss all of my friends :( i doubt i will see them in the huge high school that im going to and even if i do im not gonna be able to see all of them! plus im gonna miss all the good times we had during lunch and during class when we had no work and such....
im gonna miss them so
and my middle school believe it or not
so many memories so little time

sppeaking of time its time to sleep!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirates Pirates Pirates Pirates PIRATES!!!!!

I can say without a doubt that this was the BEST Pirates of the Caribbean movie so far because apparently theres gonna be a fifth one YES!!! Oh and for those who haven't seen them yet i am telling you all now GO SEE THEM!!! My friend gave me the first two today and i flipped out i started dancing around the room and now i can watch them when ever i want where ever i want YES!!!!!

So thats it just wanted to let you all know i saw and that it was AWESOMESAUCOME!!!!
ok BYE!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


OK so i haven't posted in AGES but i had a LOT of projects and hebrew school graduation etc. So now im gonna talk to you about one of my new favorite characters

THIS GUY!!! ^ 

OK so i have recently just watched Tangled for the third time ever and now i have some songs on my ipod *stop laughing out there! its an AWESOME MOVIE!!!¬3¬*


Eugene is now in my favorites list especially cus he cut off Rapunzel's golden locks

*going into mad mode*
*composes self*
sorry we all know that it was good that he did it i was sick of her waving her hair around ITS JUST HAIR PEOPLE EVEN IF IT GLOWS!

Spoiler end

So now he's on my ever growing list of favorite characters from movies and i just had to say that and i needed to add a new blog post :P so yeah...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Bash

Ok so yes today in fact was my birthday!!
So i started out by going to school taking three tests have a bunch of people say happy birthday to me and then get a gift from my friend a very awesome gift i might add.
After school i went to visit my baby cousin who is ADORABLE as ever!
Then went to a sushi place for diner and then went to see Thor.
AMAZING MOVIE!!! You all need to see it!
So on the way home im talking to my dad about the marvel comics and when i walk in the door...
"SURPRISE!!" Three of my best friends are sitting on my couch and almost gave me a heart attack! We enjoyed some ice cream cake and then they left and now im on here telling you all this. Sorry im not so detailed trying to post it on the day :P
so thats bout it!