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Friday, December 24, 2010

The last Day of School First Day of Vacation!

YES! vacation is FINALLY HERE!!! I had to take a final today *or should i say yesterday because it is now midnight?* and it was easier than it sounded. But even before that i said something that made me sound REALLY smart. At the lunch table i told my friend and this is exactly word for word,
"Trust me i've imagined things you would have never imagined"
Real smart right?!

The biggest challenge of the day though was Health. It's not the reason you're probably thinking of, no, instead of doing our normal talking today we were given a challenge, we had to see if we could fit twelve, count them, TWELVE nails on the head of one nail stuck in wood. At one point i got so frustrated I threw my head back and banged it against the nearest table. *yes i didn't remember that it was there*

ANYWAYS, after health I had gym. Now gym isn't really one of my top ten things to do the least period of the day the last day of school before vacation, but i had to go anyways. So we had a choice, stay in the big gym and play basket ball or go into the fitness room and do fitness stuff. I stuck with basket ball. So about half way through my friend drops his ball and I pick it up. So my first reaction when he asked me to give him his ball back was to run. Yep thats right i RAN. I grabbed that ball and ran around the gym until I sorta.....backed myself into a corner. Another very smart move of mine. Then we played a game of HORSE in which I lost my ball he stole it and then i chased HIM all around the gym until I just stole his ball again and then we kept on trying to see who could shoot more baskets. Neither of us won, my other friend got a shot with his HEAD! So automatically he won.

That is basically it for today. *yeaterday? i'm still not quite sure 'bout that*

Good Night All!


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