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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving! *and a quick game of catch up*


*lol fall colors! It just HAD to be done  and you know it!*

Well anyways now that that is out of my system I can now say that this was a very good Thanksgiving. We went to my Aunts house and i got to see my baby cousin again! She is ADORABLE!!!! She is now one and this was her first Thanksgiving! She was always moving and now she HATES to be picked up or to actually sit down but, and let me tell you THIS was a miracle,  she actually stayed in my lap AFTER i was done feeding her AND she sat in my lap earlier by choice. I was so happy!

Oops forgot to write about spirit week and the pep-rally!

With all this Thanksgiving preparation I almost forgot to write about what happened for miss match day! Well I wasn't the only one who was miss matched thank GOODNESS! but some of my friends were un-spirited *looks evily at next door neighbor* and so i was very sad to see that. Then yesterday we had spirit day and the pep-rally! EVERYONE was in red, black and white though a small few didn't but still the art teacher was even painting peoples faces! They looked AMAZING! I had face paint too, the football style, but it started to irritate my skin so I peeled it off sorta and now my cheeks are still red. The pep-rally is just a big basketball game teachers vs. students boys vs. girls. The varsity team won for the girls game but the teachers won for the guys game, the teachers only won because they stopped the clock 4 min. till the end and they scored the last second. It wasn't as fun as years before and we failed the wave twice but i still lost my voice and went home happy and boiling hot from the heat in the gym! my friend *glances towards non-spirited friend next door* was reading the whole time, me and my other friend were trying to get her to watch the game we didn't ask her to cheer but jsut to at LEAST watch the game. She didn't but i forgive her.

That is all for now i guess.....

Skulgirl13 out PEACE!


  1. I saw her reading. *secretly wishes she had also brought a book*

  2. LOL
    Sounds awesome Skulgirl! I'm glad you had fun! Sorry about the face paint thing though! Hope your skin recovers soon!

    You are a good friend to forgive!

  3. Skulgirl! Where are you?
    Come to dragona's overflow blog #3!


    COME JOIN US!!!!!

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