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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The most EPIC catch up EVER!

OK the concert was actually a HUGE success people could actually HEAR us this time! The band had this really cool effect where they went on the balcony and some people played from there and the chorus was PERFECT! I can't wait until the spring concert!

My friends made up and now everything is right with the friendship circle.

I had a TERRIBLE headache yesterday though and every time i moved it felt like a BOULDER came crashing on my head! I'm WAYYYY better now though it was just a one time thing.

and now for some random pictures i took when i got really bored!

yes they are not PEOPLE but my art teacher said i had good angles! so yeah....

now for.......... RANDOM PICTURES!!!!!!
 This one is my FAVORITE!!! i even made a quote for what was happening here since the movie hasn't come out yet. OK here it is, "STARING CONTEST!!! *intense silence* GAH THE CUP KEEPS WINNING!"

 These last two are in honor of my FAVORITE series and to the author who wrote that series!

 hope you enjoy them!

1 comment:

  1. :D
    Cool pics Skulgirl! You have that special artist touch.
    I also like the ones Of JD in his different movie roles and of SP. The last one is cute and funny!
    I'm really glad your concert went well!