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Monday, November 22, 2010

WOW I haven't posted in AGES!

WOAH. that is really all i can say right now i've missed so many days! OK I will now attempt to fill in with my recent activites

Camp Reunion!

So i want to a B-side reunion at my camp. We came WAY too early and my dad and i thought that the reunion was being hosted at someplace else because the place looked like a dessert there was no one there! It looked so dead......really depressing......but then we found ....yes you guessed it...PEOPLE! Turns out no one from my age group bothered to sign up (thanks "friends"!) and so i was the ONLY person from my age group! Luckily my new friends from the eldest group said i could hang with them that weekend. Overall it was FANTASTIC!


I was SO PUMPED TO SEE IT! My friend told me on the 18th the day before it came out that she was inviting my lunch table *including me* to go see the movie right after school the next day!
Here's a little showing of what happened when i heard this news...
*At Skulgirl's house*

*Skulgirl's cell phone rings*
friend: hey im were going to see harry potter tomorrow and your coming too is it ok with your mom that my mom drives us there right after school
me:u-uh-u-u-u-h-u-h-u-h-u........HERES MY MOM
*tosses phone to mom starts bouncing off the walls while mom talks to friend looking at me like im a maniac while i start to scream my head off*
so the next day two periods before we leave i keep glancing at the clock and it looks like i have a nervous tick it was funny to see the teachers face when i was glancing aat the clock every five seconds
before the movie i bounced off the wall........after i was bawling my eyes out and i NEVER cry in movies all my friends were comforting me they were all smiles and i was there sobbing my eyes out! But, it was an EPIC movie and i REALLY want to see it again!

Brother's Nerf Dart Gun Birthday War

The next day i had to start cleaning the house for my brother's birthday party. It was a Nerf war. My plan was to go to my balcony on the second floor of my house and shoot the little munchkins from there.......unfortunately that plan was short lived for my father yelled at me and said i must be on the ground......i was very saddened...but i got to see my baby cousin who is one. She is so CUTE! She is now walking and talking and is ALWAYS saying hi to EVERYONE! It's TOO CUTE!

And that brings us to this day....week...whatever!

Today was crazy hat/hair day! This is the start of spirit week! Well its more of spirit days because it only lasts three days and then its Thanksgiving recess! I wonder why they would call it spirit week if it's only three days......
So back to today...i wore a Kermit the frog hat that my mom bought at Marshals....barely anyone wore a hat but some people had really funny hair! So in gym today we played tug of war i was on team 1 note i wore my hat through the whole consisted of me two guys and two other girls who are my friends! *one of them the one who took us to Harry Potter!*......We are UNDEFEATED! we beat ALL of the other teams! We won the gold! I think it came from my hat that's where all that power came from.......the only consequence is that my shoulders will KILL tomorrow! But its a small price to pay! Tomorrow is Wacky Dress up day i'll fill you guys in on what happens!

wow......this is probably the longest post i have ever done so far......



  1. Hello. I am a person. And I am commenting on your blog post. Why? Because I can. Will this have anything to do with your post? No, it probably won't. Did I just use that contraction when there shouldn't have been one? I don't know, that's why I'm asking you. Bye.