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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Randomness and...bunnies?

Yes it is all about the random. That is what todays theme is about. I have been saying a lot of things lately that don't quite make sense. For example I told my friends this a few days ago when we were watching Rent, "There is no such thing as sane, everyone is insane *i pause realizing what i just said then i contradict myself* wait wouldn't that make every one sane?' My friends just laughed REAL helpful there! *sigh* Any ways about the whole bunny issue. I was watching iCarly today and it happened to be the episode in which they draw bunnies for a really dedicated fan named Chad who takes up half their e-mails. So I decided i wanted to draw a bunny with a marker just to see what i could do. First try i started with the body and trust me you NEVER want to do that, then you will NEVER get the head right. So i did it a second time, this time i started with the head. It came out a LOT better! Here is a picture of the bunny.

and now for a picture of Mickey Mouse that i drew imitating the Mickey on the box to Kingdom of Hearts the newest one i think.

So thats about it. Ill come on soon and well see what more random things i might have to say!



  1. THE BUNNY IS SO CUTEEE!!!!!!!!! Mickey looks awesome too :)

  2. WOW Skulgirl! You are an awesome artist!!!
    What a cute picture of the bunny! I love it!
    Great Mickey Mouse too! I LOVE Mickey!!!!

  3. Awesome art work. Aw, the bunny is so cute. :D