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Saturday, October 30, 2010


We have had the mile i passed but felt terrible afterwords. The next day we had a dress up day where we went to school in our costumes! I went as a pirate but some people two of them being teachers said i was a gypsy and one person even asked if i was a ZOMBIE! I was like, "No.......I'm a pirate." and then he was like, "oh i thought you were a zombie because you're reading a book about zombies." So that killed half the day but it was funny to see everyone walk around in a costume. The funniest part was during math the UA staff came in dressed as people from Alice in Wonderland the Tim Burton version. They scared me because it was all quiet in the classroom then they just come in and start snapping pictures. Also a new girl came that day, it is hard to be a new girl in school especially if its on a dress up day! You don't know who is who really!

Now i must wait 'till Halloween actually arrives *sigh* ah well only one more day!

Your scary host,


  1. Skulgirl! I am not sure how to get to the link for the overflow blog. It was created by Dragona. It's called Derek Landy's Overflow blog.
    Go to my info page and look down on the lists of the blogs I follow. It should be there!

  2. Why would someone think the book you were reading was your costume? I was reading a book about faeries, but no one thought I was a faerie. And the UA teachers coming in was really funny. I wonder what the new girl is like.