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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Concerts and More Concerts

Ok that had to be done. I found these guys when i was surfing through some of my old files and poof, there they were!

ANYWAY...... today we had a really messed up schedule because we had not one but TWO concerts to see today. Well i only had one but there were two going on....... The concert i saw was a candle light concert at the other middle school in my home land. It was pretty good! Way better than our concert at least.  But i have to say.....THEY STOLE ONE OF OUR SONGS!!!!!!!! Yes tis true they took one of OUR songs and used it for their concert. I feel i don't really know what i feel but still it got me a little mad at them for stealing OUR song. There was at least a few songs i recognized from stuff i did or heard. The orchestra played Making Christmas from Nightmare Before Christmas and they made their own version of the can can. Now THAT was HILARIOUS!!! That was most likely my favorite song out of the whole show. Then we only had half a class room because most of the students are in chamber whatever or jazz whatever so they went to go preform for the incoming sixth graders.
I can't believe almost half the year is gone soon it's off to high school with me. Gah thats a scary thought! Well thats all for now!


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