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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fights and why i hate them! Also pre concert jitters

Ok so two of my many best friends are fighting for reasons i don't and probably won't ever find out about. I gym on Monday both of them asked me to be their partner in volleyball. I was torn, in my mind i was yelling at them to build a bridge and then get over it and on the outside i told them, "I HAT being in the middle of the fight so i'm not going to talk to either of you until you make up and become friends again!" And then we got put into teams for rounds so the gym problem was sorta solved for now at least.

My 8th grade winter concert is tomorrow and today we SUCKED during both orchestra and chorus rehearsals. I'm scared to see what happens tomorrow i have four strait classes where all im doing is reheasing then in my next three classes i doubt anyone is going to be there. Tomorrow shal indeed be interesting i will post more about how the concert went tomorrow probably REALLY late.

wish me luck!


  1. Sorry i didn't get a chance to talk to you on Derek's blog, I had to go x-mas shopping :P I want to send a draft of a Fletcherie to you, but i don't know how to get it to you

  2. oh......go to follow and i think if you follow me you could send an email to me not entierly sure though still very new to this